Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wedding Dress Decisions......

As you may or may not know Mr. G and I are getting married this July in Florida, at an intimate beach wedding with just close family in attendance.....sweet, I think so!

Anyway as the date is looming I thought that I'd best consider my options for suitable attire. I don't want to spend a fortune it's not that sort of wedding, so up until today I presumed I'd just head off to Monsoon or Coast and buy a floaty number off the peg. Having checked out their websites I know that there are a number of floaty beach wedding dresses that would be suitable.

Mmmm, today however I ordered some gorgeous Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile from Seamstar, one of my favourite online fabric stores. The colourways I had decided upon some time ago when planning my little girls outfit for the wedding. I am going to make her the Emma outfit from Patty Young's Modkid Boutique collection using Anna Maria Horner fabrics. As I'd not checked out AMH's blog for a while this fabric purchase prompted me to head over there and it was then that I saw it.......

Well what do you think? I'm thinking this would make a great wedding dress - I'm not feeling love for the colourway shown but what if I made it in cream with just a coloured bodice and straps and a few coloured zigzags around the bottom??
I'll leave you all to ponder on that one, I'm sure I'll be having sleepless nights about it so why shouldn't you??!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Hiya - I've just come across from The Linen Cat. I hadn't seen the AMH maxi dress either but I think it would be stunning as a wedding dress. What a great idea especially for a beach wedding. And the Emma outfit for your little girl will be so pretty.

    I have a family wedding to go to this summer and, possibly, a ball (how grand!) and have been worrying about the cost of a dress I'd really like. This may just be the solution. Juliex

  2. I think it will make a lovely wedding dress, really lovely and especially for a Florida beach wedding!

    Can't wait to read what you decide and to eventually see (if you make) the results.


  3. What a great idea. I think it would look great in all cream fabrics and the detail being in the zig zag design (with perhaps some slight variation in the fabric). This is such a cool idea, I'm really impressed.

  4. wow, I think it would be great :-)
    all that colour across the bottom would really pop in all the sunshine and it'll be super cheerful!
    PS deco tape is just sellotape, but much prettier!


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