Friday, 9 July 2010

Check me out!

I've been busy getting crafty this evening and have been finishing off a few bits for my upcoming wedding. Here's a shot of rather a few yummy petals made from Anna Maria Horner voile that will be part of 'Little Miss H's' bridesmaid dress.

I took the photo with my new toy, yes I managed to eventually get an iphone 4 (hooray hooray) and there are a couple of amazing apps for it that change the style of your photo's - they are just fab believe me!

I've been testing the apps out on everyone! Here's one of 'Little Miss H' eating her tea::

 I just love how it looks vintage stylie. The app is called camerabag and I know I'll use it loads. I also took a photo of Kuma the Akita after she returned from her afternoon at the groomers!

How cool does that look?

Anyway back to the crafty business, I've also prepped some fabric scraps ready for making hexies with::


I should have a huge pile by the time I come home from the states - the picture is only about a 1/4 of my fabric prepped!!

Finally I've just finished off with a little hooky love - I really need to keep practising as I still don't find it easy::

Now which do you prefer vintage style or::

Bright style??


  1. I have that fabric in the 1st picture, I brought it from Saints & Pinners at my craft fair.
    Love the new app but do I need another camera app?? mmm maybe!
    When's the wedding? x

  2. I prefer vintage style and lucky you having one of the new iPhones!

  3. Hi Justine! I love the vintage style app! I bet you're getting really excited by now! When do you fly out? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. thanks for sharing, that app is great will tell my hubby as he has an iphone, think I like vintage one, the bright would look at home in a magazine shoot, still not sure, happy playing with it !

  5. I love the vintage style pictures, how clever - would be fun with flowers too... hope the wedding dress is coming along well. Betty x

  6. Hello, hello! I am surprised each time I see a new post from you, for some reason I thought your Wedding was imminent and you were away sunning yourself, but obviously I got that wrong.

    You've been busy, can't wait to see the finished petals, that dress is going to be lovely I just know it.


  7. @Josie-Mary

    Hi Joe, the wedding is on the 24th but we fly out to the states next Thursday - eek!

  8. @Lynne
    Honestly Lynne trying to get one has been the bane of my life this last week or so! I queued for 4hrs on release day for nothing, not to worry got my mits on one now!

  9. @Amanda
    Hey Amanda,
    We fly next Thursday! I'm getting a bit beside myself now! Very exciting!

  10. @Mrs Yappy Dog

    There is a surprise with the wedding dress Betty but I shall reveal all after the event!!!

  11. @thelinencat
    Hi Beth, great to hear from you! We fly next Thursday so the wedding is indeed very imminent! I'll get some pictures up of the bridesmaid dress before we go for sure!


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