Thursday, 1 July 2010

I think I have a problem!

Honestly its really beyond a joke now, though most of you have probably been thinking that for a long time!!

After spending the best part of the afternoon yesterday sorting and re-folding my stash (why can't I do that with the ironing pile?) you would have thought that I'd realise there really is no need to get any more fabric, I have more than enough for little old me. Huhum, here's what came today......

The very divine 'Play Date' from Patty Young. Here are some close ups of the prints, of which I got 1/2m each.


From left to right we have:: Gumdrops in lime, Pixie sticks in multi, Chinese lanterns in lime and Lollipop dreams in orange.

The next four prints:

From left to right:: Pretty flowers in lime, Squiggly stripe in pink, Lollipop dreams in orange and Goldfish in teal. Yum yum I adore it! This is certainly going to be turned into a quilt for 'Little Miss H' and more than likely I will use the New Wave pattern from the great blog Oh, Fransson! Especially after seeing the gorgeous quilt produced by Mandy using the same pattern, see here.

Now because I ordered two FQ bundles of the line, I got the matching doll panel free! There are three dolls printed onto the panel ready to sew up and dress accordingly, cute or what. Seamstar also currently have an offer where they give away a free mini bundle with every purchase over £20, because I've made two purchases this week I got this little lot in two mini bundles for zilch, that's right zero....


After seeing much hexie love in blogland of late (here, here & here, especially!) I thought I'd give it a go myself. I mentioned this to Courtney at Seamstar and asked if she'd save me some of her scraps. OMG look what she sent......

I so was not expecting all this, and when I properly looked through the pile look what I found.....

 I cannot believe she sent me 'Tufted Tweets' and the now discontinued 'Wonderland' by Momo which I know is her all time fave collection. There's loads of fabric for hexies which should keep me very busy!! 

{{Big Hugs Courtney}}


  1. wow, ther is some really great fabrics there justine :)

  2. Lucky you, lots of lovely fabrics and ambitious ideas to keep you going for a very long time!

  3. ps.....yes you do have a problem :)

  4. You're very welcome.....although it pained me to let go of Momo butterflies I think they'll look great as how many hexies can you make during a flight to the US?!

  5. Ha Ha I love your post and I love that there is someone else just like me who can't resist buying all the gorgeous fabric. I have tried setting myself a limit but have already come up with ways around it (its my birthday . . .. etc).
    I have just received my first order from Seamstar and am really pleased with it. I am drooling over your wonderland fabric - its my favourite collection ever and I am slowly but surely gathering up the various fabrics in the collection.
    I have started collecting 2.5 inch squares to make 1 inch hexagons too!

  6. Oh lucky lady, lovely things to add to your stash. Hey, a girl can never have too many bundles of fabric! x

  7. So many lovely prints! I especially love the lanterns and the tiny chairs fabric - I have been seeing that collection around alot this past week. I may have to pick up some for myself.


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