Thursday, 17 February 2011

On fire.....

Not literally of course as clearly I couldn't blog at the same time as being on fire! Now I wasn't scheduled to blog today, it deffo wasn't on the list for today but I'm just so excited that I had to share my morning with you!!

Ok so I embroidered the Merry Legs on the Flower Sugar as I said I would and I quilted in a shadow style a 1/4 inch either side of all the seams. I was then interuppted by the postie who was bringing me a box of goodies all the way from the USA!! It was my swap goodies from the Tim Burton-esque Valentines Swap organised by Apryl.

Look at the lovely things Deanna sent me, I'm so happy! The remit was something crafty, something handmade and some chocolate and we had to answer questions regarding our fave Tim Burton movie to help our partner, so you can guess mine yes??!

Deanna has clearly stalked my blog as she made me a new Kindle pouch and sent me a book to read too. Here's the fabric and chocolate she sent::

Its just so lovely! When I bit into the chocolate heart it was jelly inside. Yum Yum!!

So back to the Flower Sugar::

I've finished it and am so damn pleased with it. It looks awesome and will be great for 'Little Miss H'. Can you guess what it will be?? I'll have a Ta Dah! moment in a few days when it's in place and you'll be amazed - promise!

Now for some important news:: Within the next week I'll hit my 100th blog post. Wowser! So what's a girl to do to mark such an important occassion????

Thats right I'm having a giveaway!

Not just any old giveaway this one is sponsered and features at least one very sought after thing......keep checking back to find out more!!


  1. What a feast for the eyes post! The flower sugar is to die for! LOVE IT!

    Gorgeous treats too....that choccie would have been gone in a flash in this house! he he!

    Hope the sun is shining for you today my lovely!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. now Justine you're just showing off by doing extra things that are not even on the to do list when i haven't even got as far as writing the to do list yet!!! i have the notebook just need a pen now..mmm and so time...perhaps i should get off the computer eh!
    i'm glad you did blog though as the quilting looks gorgeous as do your swap gifts.
    have a great day i'm off to find a pen now....

  3. The Flower Sugar looks gorgeous! Congrats on the embroidery & the lovely quilting. Why can't I guess what it's destined to be?! Can't get my brain in gear.
    Your swap gifts are fab, lucky you :)
    100 posts, wow! and I love a giveaway, he he!
    Right, I'm off - I will get this skirt finished today.....

  4. Your flower sugar is beautiful. It looks to me like a floor runner - but maybe that's just becuase you've photographed it on the floor! Juliex

  5. gorgeous swap gifts, love the fabric and the kindle cover. Lucky girl!. beautiful quilt too, its lovely. I'm jealous. I think its one of my favourite swaps (even though I haven't finished the last few things to send off to the states.

  6. Theres some great goodies there but I love that fabric .

  7. Wow you have been busy - early congrats on your 100 posts too!

  8. What lovely goodies! Love the Flower Sugar, would love amazing as a headboard or a piece of art for your little girls bedroom

  9. Gorgeous quilt, I love the flower sugar fabrics - how do you manage to get so much done when working as well?? Lucky miss H!

  10. Hello lovely, I'm playing blog catch-up again and you've posted so many! Love the flower sugar and I'm v impressed with your house tidying plan, I've been trying to tidy all day but the boys make mess more quickly than I can clear so I may give up for half term. And lucky you to be partnered with Dee, Queen of twitter, she rocks. Hope the half term hols are going well. Bx

  11. Wow. love it. and the Liebster Blog Award goes to ... you. come and pick up your award

    Love, Nadine


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