Wednesday, 16 February 2011

On a roll.....

Yesterday I stated that I hadn't done much on the home organisation front, bar doing a better job of keeping on top of the household chores!

Well I've been pondering that statement this morning whilst I've been doing a few bits (more on that later) and to be honest it was an utter lie!! Let me explain::

When I decided to get my proverbial arse into gear and get my home organisation sorted out (inspired by this), I got myself a notebook to do some lists. I feel much better when I have lists to work through, such an achievement crossing items off said list, don't you think?!

Inside my notebook looks like this::

Now I particularly like this notebook as it has a space at the top of each page for the date. Handy yes?. So I've wrote the date of the Monday for the week I'm working on and then I've listed 'Things to Acheive this Week' as the title followed by said list of tasks. I've then broken down the list into tasks to do each day. Genius. Anyhow, so far so good I'm getting more done than I ever have and am spending less time surfing the net which is an acheivement in itself!!!

Remember the Flower Sugar from yesterday??

From my list for today!!! I decided to add in a square of embroidery that I will do tonight whilst re-watching the Brit Awards with the kids. My kids love music as much as I do (yeah! she cheers) and 'Master M' especially loves Take That and the Beiber (honestly I had nothing to do with the Beiber, though I am overjoyed he loves TT!) The pattern for the embroidery is by my lovely friend Katy and was in the special Christmas Issue of Fat Quarterly. If you've not seen FQ before you need to pop onto their blog where you can view samples of this fab e-zine. Honestly there is sooooo much inspiration for quilt making and such like by a group of the most talented guy and his gals!!!!

I've also done this from todays tasks::

Again it just needs embroidering which I'll do sat in front of the TV over the next few nights.

Now I need to go do the boring cleaning jobs from the list before I go and collect the kids from school! Poo.


  1. Well done Justine! I've really got to start 'doing' instead of surfing the net, *sigh*....
    The embroideries are going to look sooo cute!

  2. Aren't you good, i love rioting lists but then forget about them.

  3. I've been using Microsoft works calender on my laptop for about 3 years. Everyday it tells me what I need to do, you can cross it off or move it to the next day. I must admit somethings have been moved more times then I remember!
    I couldn't funtion without it as it has my list of things to make as well as boring stuff such as cleaning etc :) x


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