Monday, 14 November 2011

whizzing through the wip's

I feel like I've achieved quite a bit this last few days! 

I've completed Ethan's baby quilt for a start. I've finished sewing up and blocking my too small for me now tank top!!!

I've made great progress on the Birdie BOM quilt that I started at the beginning of the year!! I'd only completed 2 blocks but this week I completed another 2 and my target is 2 per week as I want to gift the finished quilt to my Mother-In-Law for her Christmas present. Here are the 2 blocks I completed.

I've also made a pair of Anna Maria Horner's quick change trousers from her book Handmade Beginning's. These are a gift for a friend and I have another pair to make this week too for another friend - it's all good practice for when I start making them for my baby!!

I've also made a start on a quick quilt for our sofa, it's John's Confetti Quilt from Issue 5 of Fat Quarterly. Like John I'm using my stash of Sherbet Pips for the quilt - perfect for the wintertime!

I've also sewn up my knitted tank top and blocked it, it just needs the last few ends weaving in now which is something I hate doing!!

And finally for today 'Little Miss H' wanted a picture of her on the blog in all her dirty faced Saturday morning glory!! Look at that dried up chocolate milkshake.....really I do wash her. Sometimes!


  1. Wow you have been busy!! It all looks great, those trousers are absolutely adorable :)

  2. Loving the stripy quilt. Sometimes - the simpler a make, the more effective it is..... looks fantastic.

    And the little birdie squares - tweety loveliness.

  3. Wow - lots of work, looking good! And little Miss H - what a darling!

  4. Wow you are on a roll! Love the pic of H!

  5. How did I miss that you were expecting. Congratulations

  6. You have been busy and Little Miss H is absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. That's impressive! Congratulations on a great week - I love your birdie blocks. BTW, I see you've got Stitched in Time on your wishlist - I highly recommend it!

  8. You busy bee! Love the quick change trousers and now I want to eat some sherbet pips which were one of my favourite sweets as a kid. Bethx

  9. Lots of beautiful makes - I'm really missing getting much time to sew....I've been working on an elastic waisted skirt for Islay for 2 weeks now, and its still not finished, should really have only taken a couple of hours at the most - oh well!
    Little Miss H is sooooo gorgeous, she has the sweetest face and smile. Juliex


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