Monday, 19 December 2011

sewing up a xmas frenzy!

What a lot I've got to show you today - a veritable feast of handmade loveliness for your eyes!!

First up are my goodies that I received from the lovely Brioni on Friday. Really I should have posted about these over the weekend but I was ground to a halt with a nasty head cold that left me asleep on the sofa for the best part of the weekend!! Now I'm feeling a bit better I've got lots to catch up on!

If you're a regular reader you'll know that myself, Lynne, Mandy, Katy & Brioni have regular sew-ups where we chat, chat, eat, laugh, oh and sew (sometimes), it's like our own mini sewing guild and I love it!! Anyhow we decided to do a Secret Santa for our last meeting of 2011 and so we got Tacha to decide who we were all gifting to, I got Mandy to give to and Brioni to receive from!! Woop Woop!! 

Here's the hoop bag I made for Mandy, it was filled with an embroidery hoop, threads and pattern, as well as chocolates!

I was so excited to get Brioni as her work is amazing and scares me quite frankly, she's one of those people who loves intricate complicated quilts that are just so far out of my league right now, I can but wish! Anyway here's the loot I received from her.

I got a thread catcher which is something I've been wanting for yonks! I actually nearly pee'd myself when I opened it!! A very cute hearts fob that will hang in my sewing room, a crochet set and some yummy chocolate! Brioni nailed it with this lot let me tell you, she remembered my ranting about 'needing' a cute thread catcher and she remembered a random conversation we had ages ago about me wanting to develop my crochet skills - that's a good friend for you isn't it?

Anyhow I'm in super sewing mode now to catch up on my essential Christmas sewing that I still need to do. I whipped up these two cute lined drawstring bags that will be filled with goodies before been gifted at the weekend.

And I'm well on my way with an iPad case for 'Little Miss H'.

Here's a cute sewing jar I picked up as a gift over the weekend and a really cute drawstring bag that Katy made for 'Little Miss H'to store all her hair stuff in!!

Speak soon and hope all your sewing plans are coming together in time for the big day!!


  1. Blimey, you have been busy! Love the bags. That thread catcher is awesome but how does it stay on the table? Not seen one of those before! Hope you're feeling better x

  2. What fab secret santa gifts, both yours and the one you received. Oddly I was making a kind of padded bag today for my sister inspired by the one you made me (in her case for phone cables etc). Hope you are feeling much better, sounds like a crappy weekend :( Bethx

  3. Wow, you had a great haul there, and love all those wee drawstring bags

  4. Great gifts! I love the Hello Kitty fabric and the bags are fantastic!

  5. Oooh your drawstring bags are so fab - I have got to get off my backside and make some of those, they are just too cute.

  6. Love all your things. Where did you get that spotty hello kitty fabric? Gorgeous!


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