Sunday, 7 October 2012

No time at all....

As if I wasn't busy enough pre buying Simply Solids! Ha!

It appears I get no time at all for sewing, or blog reading, or running, or anything actually, well except baby and business of course!

Fortunately the weekend has been steady away with sales which I've got all packed up and ready to go to the post office in the morning.

I also managed a cheeky evening of sewing during the week. I wanted a quick project so that I felt that lovely sense of completion so I stitched up a Christmas Stocking for Hunter!!

Its very cute isn't it?? I've just got one to make for myself and the hubby and we're all set for the big man's visit!

During this next week I'm planning on finishing a quilt top that's been a WIP for a while and getting it to the long arm for quilting.

What are your plans for the week? I'd love to hear.


  1. I just drafted my Finish-along list - this week I will be going into meltdown!

  2. Justine,

    Hi, I love Hunter's stocking. Congrats on your new online store. I wish you sold to the US. Totally understand why you sell to Europe 😄. The kids are off tomorrow from school so I am taking them hiking. The rest of the week is work and volunteering in my youngest class. Have a great week and hope you get some running in and stitching.


  3. Busy business is good news! Lovely stocking too :-)

  4. I'm busy making things for my table at the school xmas fayre. Tissue holders, purses, glasses cases, little bean bag chickens, fold over button pouches, pencil cases, fabric flower brooches, lavender bags, small tote bags and cushions. I have a load made already but to need to make more, there's nothing worse than a half empty table. I've used the purple fabric from you to make my bunting,

  5. I got my package today: thank you so much for the speedy service! I am going to try and finish my Christmas Rose star wall hanging this week - I bought some green 'Holly' fabric from you on my last order and it is just PERFECT as the backing: very Christmassy

  6. Great stocking! This week - one day at a time - trying to get a give-away ready so I can post the contest, get some bindings ready so I can bind quilts finished before our vacation, trying to move forward with BOM's that were started pre-vacation, trying to make a promised shower gift for DS1 and DDIL2. That's probably enough.

  7. Gosh you are a busy bee, Justine! Very best of luck with the new venture. The shopfront looks great! And the Christmas stocking looks fab.

    I also have designs on Christmas stockings this week, and a whole pile of half-finished pencil cases and coin purses to complete. And I'm also slowly slowly hand quilting my scrap vomit. (And I'll probably get about a tenth of that to-do list done!).


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