Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scrappy Trip Along

Unless you were hid under a rock in the New Year you cannot possibly have missed the sewing storm that was an overnight instant IG hit, the Scrappy Trip Along.

Brenda and Katy basically caused a furore with this quiltalong and there were literally hundreds of quilts been stitched up - amazing!

In my usual style I had to join in but then I took ages to finish, you know like I needed another big project when my sewing time is so sparse just now.

Anyhow it's finished.....

Happy on Holly's bed!

To be honest its been finished a while but Holly pinched it the minute I brought it back from the lovely Trudi who has quilted it for me and it's been on her bed ever since - minus the binding.

So seen as we had a little sun at the weekend I thought I'd get some decent shots of this lovely quilt: 

The pictures were taken at a place called 'The Watershed' which is a mill that's been turned into a creative space by Shabang Theatre Company. Holly does a lot of drama/creative work there as Shabang specialise in working with children with additional needs. 

Here's the quilt fitting in lovely on one of the show sets:

Perfect right?

Now all I need to do is bind the beast!!


  1. Gorgeous and perfect backing choice.

  2. Its lovely! I always find the binding both the worst and the best bit! x

    1. The binding is my best bit I'm just crap at time management just now!!

  3. It is very lovely.
    Definitely one of my favourite Scrappy Trip quilts ever.

    1. Wow! That's a great compliment so thank-you xxx

  4. Gorgeous - love it and great setting for photos x

  5. It's lovely! Congrats on a great finish :o)


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