Monday, 29 July 2013

its a win win!

Gosh can I just say it's taken me an actual week to recover from the Fat Quarterly retreat, a week!!

Looking back through the photo's I've taken during the fab weekend away in London you wouldn't know I'd been on a sewing retreat, it honestly looks like I've been on a boozey weekend!! Ooops!!

So the weekend started around 11:30am on the Thursday when Katy and I hopped on the train to London.

G&T on the train to London
The excitement and sunshine made a G&T a must right? We checked into our hotel, here's my swanky room, which is again a must I reckon!

Swanky hotel room
I didn't take any classes on the Friday I just socialised with friends from near and far whom I didn't take any photo's of at all, I'm so rubbish! Friday night saw a posse of us eat at the popular Byron Burger - yum yum.

Byron Burger: Lu, Jenna, Mr. Aurifil & Katy

Here you can see Lucie & Jenna deep in conversation with the lovely Mr. Aurifil and Katy in the background!

On Saturday I actually did some sewing!! I took Lucie's Improv piecing class and loved it! Improv does not come easy to me so to be taught by Lu was amazing. 

Improv block made in Lu's class
I'm going to work on some more of the techniques Lu taught that morning and make Hunter a mini quilt to hang above his cot. Lu has a book out that is amazing and teaches step by step Lu's method of Improv, it's called Quilt Improv and I really can't recommend the book enough, it's beautifully written and very visual in its style which is perfect for visual learners like moi!

Here are a few more snaps of the socialising that occurred over the weekend, what can I say for me it's the most important part!

L-R: Lu, Lynne, Me, John, LJ, Katy, Tacha & Krista

Leaving goodies from another retreater!

Oh dear! LJ, John & I in Fabric Nightclub.
The retreat also had a market type of affair on the Saturday night so I took Simply Solids along in a suitcase!

The market went well and I learnt lots for my next travelling shop which is going to be the Festival of Quilts next month!! Stand E16 if you're coming along!!

So retreat was great, I loved hanging out in real life with my online friends and meeting lots of customers of Simply Solids for the first time too. I learnt lots in both Lu & Mandy's classes and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Before then though I have this to deal with:


The winner of a signed copy of Katy Jones's book 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks is comment no........

who said:

Well Done Linda - I'll be in touch to get your prize to you!


  1. Your weekend looks wonderful, as do all those bolts! Any chance there's some Sketch 'Mist' amongst that lot?! *crosses fingers*

  2. It was such an amazing weekend wasn't it

  3. The scrap pack I picked up from you has already come in useful :)

  4. It was such a fab weekend, i really enjoyed sitting and chatting with you on the Saturday. And finishing your appliqué, of course ;-)

    Good luck at Festival of Quilts if I don't end up going, I hope it goes brilliantly for you, bet you make millions and millions!

  5. It took me a week to recover too. Perhaps we need more practice? Di x


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