Monday, 16 September 2013

getting stuff done!

In my usual style of not quite getting the frequency of my blog posts right, I now find myself with lots to tell you!!

Grab a coffee and make yourself comfy then!

I've decided that the rest of the year will be spent busting my huge pile of WIPs. I've made a really good start on this over the last couple of weeks thank goodness.

The top picture is a cushion front for my niece, it will also have her initial appliqued to the front. The bottom two pictures are of quilt tops that I've made for one of my gym instructors who has recently had twin girls!! Both these are at the lovely Trudi's been quilted now and I should be able to gift them next weekend! Yay!!

As well as lots of sewing going on there has been lots of fun happening too! I've been and supported my gym buddies doing the infamous Spartan race, I was pretty gutted my knee wouldn't allow me to participate this year but I'm game for next year!

The hubs and I also managed a great night out on Friday when we went to watch the Kaiser Chief's gig at the new Leeds Arena! They were amazing!

And finally here's what I'm sewing today. Two quilt blocks, one from the Amitie Textiles BOM from last year Gypsy Wife and one from the Fat Quarter Shop  Mystery BOM also last years!!!

Happy Monday, hope you get some sewing in too xxxx


  1. Good luck with the WIP busting, looks like you're off to a cracking start!

  2. You have been busy Mrs. We must make plans to get together!

  3. It's good to be busy with lovey stuff xxx


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