Thursday, 24 October 2013

Textured Basics?

Textured Basics?

Textured Basics? by sewjustinesew on Polyvore

Looking at expanding the range of textured basics I stock over in my shop Simply Solids and wondered what you all thought of these??

Michael Miller: Ta Dot, Mirror Ball Dot, Dumb Dot, Tiny Gingham & Painters                           Canvas.

Riley Blake: Small & Medium Chevrons, Wild Thing Basic Print

This is of course in addition to the Sketch, Essex Linen, Essex Yarn Dyed & Wickerweave already stocked, of which I plan to expand the colourways in those too!!

Let me know what you think please and if there are any I've missed!!

Thanks for your help xxx


  1. I'd fancy seeing moda grunge and painters canvas. I'd also go for paying for a small swatch pack for things like those, the wickerweave, sketch etc.

    1. When you say a small swatch pack how big swatch size? Purley for swatch purposes so say 2" square??

    2. If, for example, it was a wickerweave swatch pack, I'd not mind if the swatches were 1" so long as it was all of them!

  2. The list you put sounds great - especially like the sound of mirror ball.
    Think the small swatches is a great idea too!

  3. Spots and polka dots are always great, and can work in most things, and they don't nec always need to be the more expensive designer dots, as long as the spots are crisp and the colours are good. And chevrons, especially the small ones are fab! :o).
    Hope you got the email I sent the other day about bloggers, I sent it through the website. x

  4. Dots, dots and mirror dots!! And I've recently discovered that painters canvas, so would love more of that too!
    I love Sarah's idea too! Just to match shades up of textured fabrics!

  5. Definitely the Dumb and Ta Dots - not so keen on the painter's canvas, but what do I know xxx


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