Monday, 11 November 2013


Something new for the blog today! Hooray I hear you all cry, what can this be? Well I shall tell you......

From this month I'm running a monthly #scraptasticchallenge here on the blog that you can all participate in (only if you want to of course, it isn't compulsory!)

As you may know I sell scrap bags over in my shop Simply Solids. These scraps are very yummy and can be used in a multitude of ways, some people swear by them you know.

So to celebrate the greatness of the scraps I'm going to be offering a scrap bag every month to one person who comes up with a fab way in which to use them!! The winner then has 1 month to make up their fabulous idea and send me a small tutorial/how to that can be published here on the blog! 

To kick off the #scraptasticchallenge I have the queen of scraps the one, the only Lu Summers!!!


Little Improv Applique Patches
Lucie Summers

To make a round applique patch you will need:

Plain fabric scraps
Medium interfacing* (if you don’t have sew-in, use two pieces of iron-on like I did)
Usual sewing stuff
Something circular to draw around* (I used a reel of tape)
Spray starch

*Can be any size, but for the purposes of this tutorial, my interfacing is 4.5” (11.5cm) square and the circle has a diameter of approximately 4” (10cm)
If you’re using iron-on interfacing, cut two pieces 4.5” square and iron them sticky sides together. Use an old tea towel on top to avoid melting the interfacing

If you’re using sew-on interfacing, cut a piece 4.5” square

Draw a circle in the middle:


Use fabric scraps to create a little haphazard patchwork block. Just grab and stitch, no need to worry about design or total precision! Make it a little larger than the interfacing:

Place the interfacing on top of the block and stitch on the circle:

Trim circle, leaving approximately quarter inch around the edge and make a slit taking care not to cut the fabric. Clip the curves as close as possible and turn through:

Use a blunt pencil to poke out and smooth curves and press (on the fabric side!) using a hot iron and starch:

You can make a ton of different shapes and sizes and use these little applique patches to decorate bags, blocks, pouches, boxes, pillows, book covers... the sky’s the limit! Have fun!


How cute are those scrap patches? Ideal for Hunter's gone through knees on his jeans I reckon!!

If you make any patches please post your photo's on the Simply Solids Facebook page or use #scraptasticchallenge on IG!!

So to be in with a chance of winning yourself a scrap bag please leave a comment below telling me what you would use your scraps to make. The winner will be chosen on Weds 27 November and they would need to get their tutorial to me by the 27 December 2013.

Good Luck!!!


  1. Great patches! I'm going to make some to spruce up a really boring cardigan :-)
    I love scraps and I love solids. What would I make with a scrap bag full of loveliness? I would cover my chair. I have a gorgeous (fake) Louis Philippe chair that needs to be recovered and I dream of doing it with some patchwork.

  2. This is such a clever idea. I love it!

    I think that I would like to make a quilted table mat with a scrap pack myself, something to brighten the table and very useful too.

  3. Oh I have just blogged about my scraps!
    I will let you know if I make something worthy of sharing x

  4. I would make a basket using free motion embroidery and water-soluble stabiliser.

  5. That sounds like so much fun. I will throw my name in the hat early next year (I have too many commitments for the holiday season already :)

  6. Genius idea, I will throw my hat in the ring another time, but love Elisabeths idea of a patchwork covered chair. :o)

  7. Brilliant way to use up scraps. Di x

  8. Well we are in desperate need of new cushion covers, I think even I could squeeze in a one before Christmas!
    Chuckling at Lu's slit ;) xxx

  9. I never knew I needed a thread catcher until I had I think everyone should have one made from scraps.


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