Thursday, 9 January 2014


Friends are really important aren't they? 

I have a really close knit group of sewing friends whom I would literally do anything for, they are honestly like an extention of my family unit. My kids know them and I theirs, my hubby knows them and I theirs, you get the picture right?!

The only problem with this little family of sewers is that we are far flung, not only in this country but across the pond too so getting us all in the same place at the same time takes planning, serious planning.

Well it happened in the New Year, oh yeah!

Katy, Laura and myself headed to London to meet up with the other man in our lives our bestest buddy John. Woop!

We spent a day hanging out in cafe's, bars and Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. 

John, Laura, Patrick & Myself

Awesome rides at Winter Wonderland

This ride was soooo high!

Patrick & John

Laura & Katy
We had the best time catching up and just hanging out together, seeing these guys really gives me a renewed passion for life and sparks my creativity, my hubby says I'm like a different person when I get home, like all the stress of everyday life has just drained away, I tell him it's just the Gin hehe!

This happy happy start to 2014 has left me whirring with ideas, a 'To Do' list as long as my arm and a passion for blogging it all so keep your eyes peeled for lots of exciting things coming up on the blog soon!

Happy Friendships xxxx


  1. Good for you!!! It looks wonderful fun.

  2. Aw, that's lovely! Sewing buddies are fab. Looking forward to seeing what the dose of creativity results in!

  3. You look like you had so much fun :)

  4. Loved seeing all your pics on IG, made me sorry I wasn't there ! Xx. Now get busy mrs!

  5. It looked like you were having a fabulous time from your IG pictures

  6. Had a wonderful time looking through your blogs, your textile work is absolutely fantastic! x


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