Monday, 12 October 2015

Ever feel like giving up?

Let me tell you I've felt a lot like that lately!

My sewing just isn't happening, I barely have time to keep on top of my day job at the shop and the usual boring housekeeping stuff, exercise has completely disappeared from my life and my eating habits are not good!

I've been really stretched by recent sewing projects for reasons I cannot even explain! Is it just me that makes the same mistake over  and over until the penny drops? My first few Farmers Wife 1930's blocks all too often looked like this:

I'm also finding that as the blocks are sooo time consuming I've already fallen behind schedule! Grrr!

My poor My Small World QAL is still at Stage One (oh it's just laughable isn't it?!!)

On the plus though I've finished quilting a long overdue quilt for a friend and started piecing another quilt!!!

Does anyone else struggle with this? Any tips to get me through? I feel like everyone gets lots of sewing in and I'm just a disaster!!!

Answers on a postcard please.......


  1. I think I understand the feeling, however, my story is sort of backwards to yours as I just got out of this.

    I've not been able to sew anywhere near as much as I want the last few years and I've seen my poor Horizon get dustier and dustier. I've finally made changes to my life so I have more sewing time (less work) and I'm finally able to pursue my dream of sewing more. However before this I always felt like you say, everyone else had all the time in the world to sew and I just had none despite all my intentions of taking time. No time, no inspiration, no energy despite the fact that I LOVE sewing. So yes, I've been there, however, the only thing that one can do is try to prioritise oneself. <3 And have a glass of wine and try to release the pressure a bit ;) Know that whatever sewing you do get in is GREAT!

    I hope you'll be able to do so because you make fantastic things! Try to keep your head above water and to quote Dory from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming!" *hugs*

  2. Totally get where you are coming from!
    I am going against what comes naturally and slowing down at last; most of the things I feel the pressure to finish are actually for me, and I don't have a deadline really, so I am trying my hardest not to beat myself up about those. I am good at keeping up to date with Bee stuff and swaps, but I have realised the hard way that something has to give, I can't do it all even though for a while I thought I could.
    We sew for fun, and have to remember that sometimes.
    Don't let it get you down honey xxxx

  3. Oh Hun, you sing a song straight from my heart. And I don't even own a fabric shop!! I find too many projects started at once is totally counterproductive. So now I try to focus on finishing a couple before starting a new one, instead I print lists of projects I would love to start. Also a couple of quick finishes in between bigger projects, makes you feel very productive. And also some evenings I really have to give myself in kick in the backside to get down to my cellar to sew, but I always do feel a lot better as a result. But most of all :STOP LOOKING AT THE FABRIC ON THE OTHER SIDE! it is not greener, just different. Tough? maybe, but the most important lesson I learned in the last couple of years.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for a "keeping it real" blog post. The cummulative effect of following lots of blogs can end up being intimidating rather than inspiring - don't forget your blog/IG feed is made up of lots of people sewing one thing at a time, not one person sewing lots of things. It can all seem to be "see it, sew it, blog it". Keep plodding on, there's nothing wrong with some slow sewing.

  5. Things will get easier at some point and you'll find a way to do some sewing - maybe you're making daft mistakes with your sewing because you're sewing in a rush? Is there any way you can 'ring fence' some sewing time once a week, even if it's just 15 minutes to move a project along? I'm a slow sewer and find that (very) little and often can add up to a surprising amount of progress over a month. Take care and stop beating yourself up about things that you think you should be doing or that are supposed to be fun xxx


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