Wednesday, 13 October 2010


So you remember the sneak peek of the mini quilt I posted yesterday that looked like this.......

Well when I got home from gym club with 'Little Miss H' a few hours later it looked like this....

I had left it on the kitchen table and the dogs had decided they were going to add their input, or output by the state it was in, whilst I was out :(

Mr. G had arrived home before moi and found the kitchen trashed, my mini quilt in and amongst the carnage. Sometimes I hate having dogs. Mostly I like it but yesterday I most definitley hated it.

So, what's a girl to do? Cry? Yes. Yes I blooming well did! Frustration vented now onto the rescue mission......

Luckily today I got some fab goodies via the postman, just what I needed to cheer me up. First up was this::

A beautiful, beautiful fabric bound notebook that I won on a giveaway over at Dutch Sisters. Now you may think me silly as I certainly felt silly when I opened this parcel, but I wasn't expecting the notebook to be fabric bound or so large!! I clearly didn't read the giveaway post correctly and thought that I was just getting a manufactured notebook from Holland, not one that Corry and Heleen had covered. D'OH!! The flower on the front is actual cross stitch and yes, that is a little ceramic clog!!

Thank-you so so much ladies, I love this notebook soooo much.

Second up I received these scrappy {strips} from the lovely Michele::

This swap was done as a sideline to the Quilt-As-You-Go Round 2 so that all the participants could get a bigger variety of scraps for their quilts. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw them all, there's lots of whimsical strips in there which is just what I was after! Michele blogs here, pop over and say Hi and tell her I sent you, she writes a great blog with lots of eye candy!

Next up is this beauty::

The newest addition to the family, Velvet Minuet. How sweet is she? I adopted her from Katy who also popped in the little top she is wearing, it's a gift from BlytheCon which I failed to get a ticket for. Now I need a name for her, I'm thinking 'Betty'. What do you think?

Finally I received some vintage aqua embroidery hoops that I got from Etsy. Oh and the fabric is from Katy too - she didn't have tissue paper to wrap my pressie from BlytheCon in so she used fabric. There's a FQ there I think so she used way more than she needed to, thanks Hun!

PS:: I'll keep you updated on the rescue mission it's coming along grand, good job really deadline for posting for the swap is the 18th. Arrgghhh!


  1. Sorry about your quilting, hope it can be redeemed after all your hard work and plans... I have longed to have a dog for years now (hence the name of my blog), but maybe not so much now!

  2. Oh no!! I would have cried too. Glad the rescue mission is coming along well! Love all those goodies that came in the post :)

  3. Oh God I actually had my hands over my eyes reading that first bit, what a shock, you poor, poor thing. Massive fingers crossed for the rescue mission. Thanks goodness you had all those lovely things in the post to keep you upright. xx

  4. oh no! I hope you'll be able to rescue your mini quilt Justine!
    Some great goodies you've got there. love the aqua hoops they're fab!

  5. Oh no! That is so freaking awful! Poor you, I hope you can salvage it... Glad you got lots of lovely post to balance out your fortune.

  6. oh no it was damaged worse than I thought!
    what a nightmare :(
    Hope you can salvage some of it.

  7. Ouch! That entire quilt scenario would have really taken grace to face! I love animals, but am often thankful that our small apartment doesn't permit more than a fish. I hope you can sort the mess and get that tree finished!

    Love all your goodies too!

  8. Oh no! You must have been gutted seeing that ;-( I'm sure it's rectifiable and hopefully the goodies you received amde up for it a tad x

  9. Oh no your poor quilt I would have cried too! At least you will have a tale to tell once it is fixed, and whenever you look at it it will be quickly followed by a scowl at the dogs :) Our old dog once ate an entire chicken off the bench and hid the plate in the downstairs loo ~ I was stood wondering if I had dreamed cooking it and was baffled for a good hour!
    Kandi x


    I can't believe your beautiful quilt got ruined. I would have cried too!! Good job you got some lovely things in the post to cheer you up. x

  11. Oh you poor thing. I know exactly what you mean about dogs - mostly wonderful but sometimes afr too much trouble. Hope the rescue keeps working well. Juliex

  12. I would so have cried too. Good luck rescuing it. xx

  13. Oh dear, It looked lovely, but I'm sure you have sorted it out by now :)
    I love the notebook lucky you..x

  14. What a nightmare, I would have cried as well. Hope the recovery is going well, and love all your new bits and pieces (Betty is a great name).


  15. Oh No! I have a 4 year old who loves scissors. I'm terrified he will do this to one of my big quilts someday. Maybe you need a sewing room where you can lock the door.

  16. Mandy and I are doing Harrogate on Thursday - let me know if you're going the same day! Poor you on the dog-ate-quilt front. Like your new doll!

  17. oh no! heartbreaking........


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