Tuesday, 26 October 2010


So my laptop is repaired kind of. It's working in bursts, mainly when it wants to and not when I need it to. Hence the big gap between posts. Arrggh. 

Good job it's nearly Xmas is all I can say (Mr.G if you're reading this, seen as though I've been a good girl can Santa please come early, pretty please, you know what I want - Macbook all the way, thanks.)

So this last week has seen me receive my Halloween Swap Goodies and my Savvy {Seasons} Swap goodies too. They actually both came on the same day, what a fabby day that was!

First up I'll show you my goodies from the Halloween Swap::

As you can see Claire had decorated the box a treat and the little people were more than excited to get stuck in opening all the presents inside!

As you can see the handmade elements of the swap were very cute! A lovely 'BOO' bunting that has creepy spiders attached to it and a lovely ghost softie that is now hung on the door handle. When you press its middle it makes spooky halloween noises!! 'Little Miss H' loves it!

Here is the rest of the parcel::

It was a great swap and thanks so much to Claire for the lovely gifts we received!

Now here's what I received in the Savvy {seasons} swap::

Now isn't that just the most adorable cushion and matching mug rug??

I was absolutley delighted when I opened this package, it will really add some festive cheer to my home this season. Thanks so so much to the Mighty Crumble for an excellent swap gift.


  1. What lovely goodies! AND 2 parcels in one day - you lucky girl!! Love the ghost softie! x

  2. I love the cushion and mug rug! I wonder if it was an original design? it's soooo cute!!!

  3. Wow ! What great goodies you have therer Justine :)

  4. I just love swaps - our bloggy friends are so kind and generous.xx

  5. Hi Justine, not sure if you saw my last note re Christmas swap? I am your swap partner and I am looking forward to doing the swap although still trying to decide which way to go!
    What a lovely halloween parcel, full of spooky fun!

  6. Lovely swaps! I adore the mugrugs though, they are so much fun to make!

  7. Lovely!!! Have you posted and rec'vd your softie yet? :-)

  8. Your parcels must have gone some way to cheering you up after your quilt was attacked. I love the cushion. I've been having the same kind of computer problems. So very very frustrating!


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