Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sewing Up A Frenzy!

So my sewing frenzy I'm happy to say, has continued in earnest over the past couple of snowed in days! Inbetween entertaining the little people, who I must say by this point have got serious cabin fever, I've been finally stitching up some of the 1.5" hexies I've been making on and off for the past few months.

Now I've been struggling with what to make out of these hexies as they are truly mis-matched and scrappy in style, then, inspiration struck whilst cleaning up the dogs chewed to bits bed for the 4th time yesterday!! Yes I'm going to make them into a doggy quilt for the kitchen floor!!!

So here's where I was at yesterday morning::

Not the best photo as the light was rubbish and the Cath Kidston flowery ironing board cover is not the best background!!! Since this picture was taken of these two joined hexie flowers I have since added another five! The light's still not that good so I'll take a decent photo tomorrow so you can see, promise!

I've also made another scarf as a Christmas present, same script as before: Anna Maria Horner voile and flannel, tutorial from Seamstar!

Now the recipient of this scarf is the mummy of my little bridesmaid at my wedding this summer, the scarf is made from the same fabric design as the bridesmaids dress so is extra special for her. Awww! She's going to love it!

I've also finished the lap sized quilt top for my Nan for Christmas! Woop woop check me out!!

The fabric used is 'Dream On' and is made from about 9 FQ with enough left over to piece into the back, I'm thinking a 1.5" hexie band across the width of the quilt? The finished quilt will be 44" x 44" and backed in Bella Solids, light grey and bound in Kona Banana, thanks Mandy and Katy for helping me choose on Twitter this morning!!

I'll leave you with this picture of 'Little Miss H' dancing whilst watching Take That Circus DVD for the umpteenth time this week. Love it!!

So off Christmas shopping this afternoon, catch y'all later!!


  1. What a great quilt top! It looks gorgeous, hope your Nan loves it. x

  2. Busy, busy - wow have you ever accomplished a lot! Good for you. And Miss H sure looks like she's enjoying herself!

  3. Everything is looking good! And what a beautiful little girl Miss H is! =)

  4. Hi Justine. I got the acrylic dk in Skipton. I think the shop was called the 'Fent' shop - it sold lots of fabric too. Hope this helps, Yorkshire is a big place!!
    Lovely blog by the way, I'll definitely be visiting again.


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