Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Welcome Snowy December!

So it's from under snowfall like we've not seen for a longtime that I'm writing this blog post! I hope you're all having fun, keeping warm and not getting too stressed out by the current weather conditions!

I've been taking advantage of not having to leave the house and have started my Christmas gift sewing in earnest. I pledged to myself a couple of months ago that I would have a handmade Christmas this year and have managed to think of handmade gifts for everyone, I just hope I can pull it off in time!!!

So my 1st batch of sewing was lavender bags in pretty Cath Kidston fabric.

I bundle these up with ribbon in stacks of three and write a handmade luggage tag. They go down a storm everytime I make them for friends and family! I've got another 6 made but ran out of lavender so had to order more! I think I'll do these for teachers gifts this year too.

Master M also helped write some of the tags and fill the bags with lavender, he loves getting involved in making things.

He's also lost his 1st tooth this last week! My little man is getting to be a big boy now. Boo hoo!

I've also made the 1st of a couple of circle scarves using Anna Maria Horner voile and flannel, they're so lovely, soft and cosy! I followed a tutorial from Courtney over at the Seamstar blog which is super quick and easy, I'm going to finish making the other one this evening.

In non-sewing news my new found addiction to Blythe is growing. I am now the proud owner of 3 dolls with another one arriving before Christmas. Yay! This is the first 2, Boo (wearing the hat) and Betty.

I haven't staged any photo's with my 3rd girl Ryder what with everything that's been going on but I promise there will be pictures soon!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails after my last post, it means a lot to me it really does.


  1. Your lavendar bags looks brilliant all packaged up (and obviously the fabric is equally as lush - I love CK, then again doesnt everyone?!!) Love your little boys tag too. Its great that he wants to join in and help you! x

  2. Hi Justine - the lavender bags you sent me in the swap still smell lovely.


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