Thursday, 10 February 2011

Busy Busy Busy

This is going to be the most random post ever! 

After a flying start to the year I seem to have been knocked way off course this last couple of weeks and have acheived 'zilch' in the creativity department. I am really hacked off about this.

So in no particular order here's why the creating has had to take a back seat!!

One of our lovely rabbits has been very ill, so much so we nearly lost him. This meant he's had to be nursed inside for a week, medicine x3 per day and virtually hand fed = very time consuming, especially when hubby was away on holiday snowboarding and I was flying solo. I then had to purchase a new giant hutch 7.5ft long to accomodate his potential disability, we've got big rabbits!!

I've also been trying to sort out my somewhat wayward, out of control home organisation!! I've been following with interest Megan of MouseHouse as she  tackles a home organisation issue each week and then blogs about it. It's a really cool idea, surely one project a week is do-able???

This is the first area of our house which needs organising::

How bad does that look?? Fortunately we don't use the front door and visitors to the house don't see this mess! We live in a 3 storey house with this been the bottom floor which is home to this hallway and has the washing machine and dryer under the stairs that come up to the middle floor. There is also a large unused bedroom and ensuite down there which will hopefully soon be my sewing room/guest bedroom!

So I've ventured down there and cleared out all the shoes that don't fit etc and given it a good tidy up. Here's what it looks like now::

There are no shoes strewn all over and the bench is cleared. All I need to do now is paint the bench white and add some cute little cushions to it. 

The second area of home organisation that I need to work on is huhum my sewing stuff::

This area is on the middle floor of the house at the bottom of the stairs leading to the top floor. This area visitors can see *shame*

So I've been tackling this area a little each day, I've decided to move my supplies slowly but surely to some different shelving on the top floor of the house, these shelves are much wider and hence hold more of my fabric!!! I also decided to go with the comic board method of storing my fabric which I found out about here and here. I stole a few of said comic boards from Katy and have now used them all, here's my stash WIP::

All my 1/2 yds or more will be  wrapped round comic boards and stored like a bolt of fabric and my FQ bundles are all stored in neat piles. I'm waiting on more comic boards being delivered so this project has stalled until they arrive.

As you've probably gathered I'm not the worlds most tidy person and keeping my home tidy is something I have to work on daily. It is something that I'm determined to do better as I'm sure the untidyness is hampering my creativity. Seriously!

I've managed these teeny tiny bits of creativity this week::

The beginnings of a little cross stitch for 'master M' and a little knitting! I've always wanted to learn to knit and my local yarn shop does lessons so I started my beginners class last night!! 

Finally, the main reason for my lack lustre sewing is this::

Finally 'Miss H' has had her long awaited eye surgery. This picture is from today, I didn't take one on Monday when she'd had the surgery it was just too awful. She's feeling much better now and her eye is much improved already.

So I'm working Friday and Saturday and hopefully will collect my new car on Sunday. I'll be back then with pictures and hopefully a fresh start on the sewing front from then on!!


  1. Aww poor little mite, it's awful when they have to go through that! Your cross stitch looks interesting, looking forward to seeing it done.
    Kandi x

  2. Awww look at that cute little face, just makes me want to give her a big hug!! Hope Miss H's eyes will be all better soon!


  3. How lovely to have a place that teaches knitting - I want one! well done - you are doing loads of stuff whilst nursing children and bunny. I am an OCD person who has to have everything very very tidy and spotless (my family call my house the sterile unit!) so am well impressed to see all that clutter getting sorted. If I lived near you I would probably feel compelled to assist! Betty

  4. Hi,
    Hope your little girl keeps improving. Your stash looks fab - I want to do the comic board thing too. Where did you order yours from - I haven't found where to get them yet?

  5. I love your Out of Control picture! I have issues like that, so you're not alone. I love how you're starting to organize! Good for you!

    Sorry about little one's eye surgery. I hope that everything heals properly!

  6. Bloody hell mrs! No wonder you haven't had time for Beavers! Hope H is ok! Big kiss from me xx

  7. ohh how organised are you going to be? like it!

    What a fab room to hold such a fantastic stash, very jealous!

    Hope the little one is feeling better, that eye looks painful x

  8. I think Miss H eye looks fab. MadDad had an eye op as a five year old and he still remembers it. I love the hall now, it looks great

  9. No wonder your creativity has been a bit scuppered. Hope Miss H continues to recover well - poor wee soul. And your rabbit too. we have a dwarf rabbit Freddie who we love - he is nearly 6 and I keep expecting him to show signs of age but so far so good.
    Hope you get a break when Mr Justine gets back from his hols. Juliex


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