Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Catching Up......

Now that things are getting back to normal here (well as normal as they're ever going to be at our house anyway!!!), I've been able to get a few bits of sewing and fabric prepping done here and there.

Firstly I've prepped my fabric for the Wonky Star Quilt-A-Long that Kerry is hosting on her blog.

This quilt is going to be large lap size and is for 'Little Miss H'! To be honest it wasn't in my grand scheme of quilting plans for 2011 but I did want to have a go at wonky stars and thought the opportunity was a good one, both in terms of busting some stash and learning how to do wonky stars! I'll be piecing a couple of blocks per week over the next few weeks and hopefully 'Hey Presto' a cute scrappy quilt will be born!

I've also finally sewn the binding down on my nephews quilt. I used a great book to help me 'The Pratical Guide to Patchwork' by Elizabeth Hartman of 'Oh Fransson!' fame - invaluable photo guide to all aspects of quilting - Love it!

I just need to hand sew the other side of the binding down and it will be ready to deliver next week when we go visiting!!

I've also been prepping another small project::

This again is for 'Little Miss H' and all should be revealed by the weekend! I've had this Flower Sugar from Lecien in my stash for a while. It was always meant for 'Little Miss H' but the projects (big & small) are now under way so you'll be seeing more and more of this great line over the next weeks and er months knowing me!!!

On the home organisation front I've not tackled anything new. I'm still waiting on the delivery of my comic boards so I can continue tackling my fabric stash, the hallway is still clutter free and I'm managing the general tidiness of the place a little better I think, we'll see!


  1. Such lovely fabrics for little miss H. I wish I had a little girl to sew for sometimes, go all pink and flowery sigh. But no I haven't forgotten about childbirth at all and I say NEVER again lol!
    I want comic book boards as well to organize, it always looks so pretty in the pictures. Where did you get yours?


  2. Little Miss H is going to be a very lucky girl! I made some wonky stars for the quick Christmas Bee and really enjoyed them. They'd be something I'd be happy to make a lot more of - very forgiving and less need for precision! Juliex

  3. Oh wonky stars are such fun to make! And I too love the Elizabeth Hartman book. Very inspiring and everything is so well explained. Happy sewing!

  4. Love the fabric for the wonky staers quilt, it will look fab x sent your pattern today xx


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