Thursday, 3 March 2011

Nearly Giveaway Time!!!

So this is the post before my 100th post, which as I'm sure you've all realised will see the start of 3 huge giveaways on my blog (hell I've harped on enough about it)!

Just wanted to share a few makes with you before my blog gets taken over by giveaway posts!!

'Master M' and I baked these beauties last night! He adores baking and tries to get me to bake nearly everyday. Unfortunately for him baking/cooking is not my forte (hey we can't have it all!) but it's something I really want to try harder with. If any of you lovely people can recommend any good baking blogs and/or places to get toppings etc please drop me a line.

I've continued with the wonky stars blocks too::

I'm really liking the way these are turning out, that's 3 of 8 complete now so I'm getting there slowly. I've whipped up these handy pouches this morning::

This pouch is a lovely stripe linen lined with a blue floral Kaffe Fasset print, not sure what I'll use it for yet but pouches are just so handy aren't they?

Now this pouch is going to hold the feet and maintenance bits and bobs for my sewing machine. Its going to live on my sewing shelf with some other pouches and bags that hold 'stuff'. You know the 'stuff' that there's loads of but no good way to store it!!

Finally I got another craft book this week - ooops!

This one has been on my wish list for some time now and it hasn't disappointed. There are some great dolly projects inside that I will certainly be trying soon.

So back to the giveaway. 

Come back tomorrow for PART 1 and see how you can enter to win 3 gorgeous hand-crafted items from 3 of my favourite bloggers!

See you then!


  1. I love the pouches - they look lovely especially the butterfly ones. I haven't attempted anything with a zip yet!

  2. 100 posts...Wow thats amazing how long have you been blogging for? You have to just love little fairy cakes ;-)) Love the pouches to. dee x

  3. Love the pouches and the blocks are GORGEOUS.

  4. I love the way you say you have whipped up those pouches! Now I want to be able to do that too!!!!! Love the cakes they looked scrumptious!

  5. There's a pouch for everything eh Justine. XX

  6. That book is one on my list too, will be looking out for what you make from it. A big thank you for my blog award, that was sooo kind of you...

  7. Those cakes look really scrummy, they are what I would call real cakes!!

  8. I love pouches... you can never have too many but you have to remember what's inside! The cakes look lovely, I wouldn't say no! :) x

  9. Those cupcakes look beautiful - what a lovely photo - I think your baking and decorating skills are fine x


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