Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Bit of This & That!

Today I've been mainly continuing with my must get organised theme! 

Its taking me lots of snippets of time here and there to make my fabric bolts using the comic board method I talked about here. I'm more than half way through my stash and the completed bolts are now living on different shelving on the top floor of the house.

The picture above shows my bolts that hold cuts of 0.5m or more and the one below shows FQ's.

The piles on the right of the picture still need turning into cute mini bolts and then all I have to do is organise the scraps!!

Whilst organising the two sets of shelves that housed my fabric I also had the pleasure of spending a little time with my girls! As you may or may not remember, towards the end of last year I toook the plunge and bought my first Blythe doll. Then another, and another and another!! They have been sadly neglected of late and so I've decided to formally introduce you to them, one at a time. (Girls form an orderly queue please)

First up we have the very pretty Tabi. She is my most recent acquisition and was a Christmas present to myself! I bought her from fellow Blythe fan Katy (yep that's right the one of FQ fame!) Tabi was a Casual Affair doll and has had a full customisation by the talented Milky Robot incluing a mohair re-root. 

Tabi is very pretty and has the cutest freckles painted on her face! 

I've also managed to get a little sewing in so far today and have made a start on the Wonky Star Quilt-A-Long. I've had the fabric cut for a while and so pieced my first block today.

This will be lap size for 'Little Miss H' and is a stash buster - Yay! I'm hoping to get this one fully pieced over the next week or so. 

Finally I want to say thanks to Nadine and Jo who have both recently awarded me the Liebster blog award!
Basically this award is for small and upcoming blogs with less than 300 followers, I hope you agree its a great way to introduce great new blogs into the world of more established blogs. In order to accept I have to pass the award on to 3 of my favourite blogs again with less than 300 followers. In no particular order::

Sew Obsessed
Me and Ma

I love all these blogs so very much and read them regularly, hope you like them too!  Anyway must dash, Mum's taxi is due on a Beaver's and Gymnastics run any time now!!


  1. I now have stash envy!!
    Your fabric looks great all so tidy, wish mine looked the same :(
    Thank you very much for passing on the blog award, I guess this means that I really do need to spend some time with my rather neglected blog!
    Jenny x

  2. Wow! You are sooooo tidy!!!

    I love the idea of an award for small blogs, fabulous!

  3. WOW I wanna be you. Your stash is just so tidy. And you have shown me that I NEED to see my stash of fabrics. Soon just keep an eye on my blog at the beginning of next month.

  4. Thankyou Justine! I love your star block, and your neat stash, and your dolly xxx


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