Friday, 23 March 2012

keeping busy

That's all I can do right now!

My due date is tomorrow and honestly I've not had any inclination at all this baby is about to put in appearance. I'm so impatient, fed up and fat!

If he doesn't appear of his own free will over the weekend I'm having my membranes swept on Monday morning (Ewww, yuk!). So wait we will have to do.

To keep busy I've done a little sewing and knitting here and there and some cross stitch too.

I made this cute little pouch for a friend who has supported me lots this last couple of months.

photo taken with iPhone
It's inspired by the 'Delightful Linen Bag' from Zakka Style. If you've not had chance to get this book then I highly recommend it, I'll be attempting a lot of the projects at some point which is unusual as often books only have the one or two projects in them that you know you'll make - or is that just me?!!

There's an exciting Sew-A-Long going on over the summer months that's been arranged by Lindsey of LR Stitched and Amy of Don't You Know Who I Am? It will go through all 24 projects in the book, each one done step by step stylie by 24 of our favourite bloggers. The Sew-A-Long kicks off on Monday 2nd April through to Monday September 10th with a new project each week. I know I'll be joining in with some of the projects for sure! There are lots of great prizes up for grabs along the way too if you needed any more persuading!!

Zakka Style Sew Along

I've also completed this cute cross stitch WIP which is going to be hung near Hunter's crib

And I've completed the March 'Dessert of the Month Club' cross stitch on my sampler too!

I've been busy knitting in between all this which I still find a slow process but I'm determined to finish this cardigan for Holly before I start knitting my first pair of socks, which I'm very excited about let me tell you!

I'm knitting the sleeves now and then all I have to do is knit the collar and stitch it all together - the end is in sight! Huzzah!

Hope you all have a great weekend and keep sending those positive birthing vibes!!!


  1. I hope your labour starts naturally before Monday but a membrane sweep is not that bad! I had one with baby number 4!! Good luck!

  2. Oh Dear You. Keep It strong lol. I know the last days are a pain,glad you manage to do some creating I can't do any at the moment and I have 7 weeks left :(
    I do agree Zakka book is fab, i want to do every project in it :)
    Wish you all the best and who knows maybe your next post will be with little one on your hands.
    Fingers crosed xxxxx

  3. oh dear waiting sucks!! I hope the thought of having Hunter in your arms soon helps a little. xx

  4. aahh bless you all good things come to those that wait ;-) He will be here soon and not before. I hope all goes well at the birth. Your projects are all lovely your cross stitch is so sweet. dee x

  5. Hi Justine,
    Honest Bubba will come when ready, its the waiting thats the worst part.
    Fingers crossed all will go as naturally as possible, sex works ( honest), raspberry leaf tea too, I wouldn't have a curry just in case it gave you an upset tummy, thats the last thing you need x
    If you'd like a breast feeding necklace please message me back and I'll send one to you (no charge)
    Take care of you and bubba - rest and more rest ok! x

  6. Oh man, hope he's popped out by now!

  7. I hope you are OK and not all stressed about waiting

  8. hope little one puts in a quick appearance for you! BH x


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