Thursday, 1 March 2012

lack lustre

That's how I was feeling yesterday!! I had my 'To Do' list planned but by the time I'd seen the midwife mid-morning I'd lost all inclination to even look at it!!

Instead I spent the day pottering about online, reading and doing a little more knitting!

photo taken on iPhone using Instagram app
This photo was taken shortly after I'd cast on, there's much more completed now! Its going to be a lovely sage green cardigan for 'Little Miss H', the yarn is by Sublime and its an organic bamboo cotton double knit, it's very silky smooth. I want to get this cardigan finished so I can start my sock knitting as I know this will be a challenge, not leaving me much time for anything else to concentrate on!

Earlier in the week I was catching up on my blog reading when I came across this post from LaaLaa's blog (which by the way is a very good read!) I've been looking for a 'just me' style of scrapbooking/journalling since the beginning of the year and was until this week failing miserably!

When I saw the Smash journal Laalaa featured I knew it was for me and ordered one immediately from Amazon!!

taken with iPhone using Instagram app
There are so many great accessories that go with the journals it just screamed to the creative me!! I'll be starting the journal from today and hope to record a little of each day so we have a record of family life!!

Anyhow seen as I'm not feeling lacklustre today I'm planning on getting my Swoon block 7 done as well as some work on my appliqued Whirlygig quilt from Sarah Fielkes amazing book 'From Little Things'.

Talking of amazing quilting books I just wanted to congratulate my very good friends Katy, Tacha, Brioni and John aka The Fat Quarterly Team! Their first book 'Shape Workshop for Quilters' is due out very soon, in May! It can be pre-ordered here now!!!

and squeeeeeeee!
photo courtesy of Katy at Monkey Do!
Have a great day!!


  1. Forget the 'to do' lists and just nest! Do xo

  2. Sometimes those lacklustre days just leap out and get us, hope you have a fab day today!

  3. Oh I love that smash book, not seen them before but I want one now, love things like this.

    Hope you're getting plenty of rest , your to do list can wait a bit longer, enjoy your day x

  4. Sometimes we just need to stop & do what our body tells us to do.... in my case nothing!!!! x


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