Saturday, 9 June 2012

FQR - Saturday Musings

After propping up the bar til gone midnight Friday with my roomie Scissors and Thread and the lovely Pip from France, it was an early start to get to the retreat venue for 9am! Thankfully Hunter woke us and it was a mere 2 minute walk from the hotel!

FQ Quilt
Picture by Scissors and Thread

Me & Justine
Amanda and I, picture courtesy of Scissors and Thread.

When we arrived we registered and were given our goodie bags stuffed with fabric and notions from the event sponsors - this was great but the goodie bags soon got forgotten as the attendees started circulating and squealing with delight when they happened upon a multitude of online friends! 

For me this was one of the best parts of the weekend, putting faces to all those people I feel like I've know forever!! When the Fat Quarterly gang spoke to the attendees making it clear this event was about community and that they wanted nobody to feel left out or insecure, they really set the atmosphere for the rest of the weekend. I can honesty say that I never saw anyone shrink into the shadows or lurk on the periphery. It really did feel like a big happy family. Bliss.

My first class was with Tacha and was English Paper Piecing, Hunter however had different ideas and was unsettled so I didn't get much done! I did however shoot some great snaps whilst I was walking around with him!!
FQR Saturday AM
L-R: Tacha EPP Class, Leila and Kerry, Liberty Fabrics, Karen, Sewing 
Lunchtime was a relaxed affair on the roof terrace, not that it was warm enough but hey and there was lots of laughter, which to be honest there was lots of all weekend!

Lu Summers, Tacha and Christine
Lynne & Mandy
Lynne and Mandy

Saturday afternoon brought the class I really wanted to do - embroidery with Aneela Hooey. I love embroidery and am always looking to learn from a pro so was really looking forward to this class! Aneela and I have been friends online for ages now but this was the first time we met properly - hooray!

Embroidery with Aneela Hooey
L-R: LJ, class embroidery, Robin design, teaching couching stitch
So this was Saturday for me! Dinner was eaten out with the lovely Claire, Nicole, Amanda and Christine and the retreat venue stayed open until 23:00hrs. There was a pub quiz and the Royals thrown in somewhere along the line also!!


  1. Yay, such a fun trip :o) BTW, I'm working on an answer to your e-mail, but it's been quite a busy day, so hopefully tomorrow morning!

  2. Lovely post, happy memeories (I think we look rather good at 2am in the bar at the end of retreat, hope that baby's ok ;)

  3. Looks (and sounds) like you've had a fantastic time. I'm going to start saving for the next one, I want to come and play! x

  4. So nice to meet you through the bag swap! I'm a Happy Blogger, too and I LOVE caravans! Deborah/ Miss Luella

  5. Oh Justine, it sounds like so much fun. I have my fingers crossed for next year.
    Hunter looks so gorgeous too - and wasn't he good to let you get away with him in tow?! I'm curious to know - does he sleep all night? I would never have been able to share a room with someone else and Katie, or any of my other kids, at the age he is.

  6. Ha, you caught me with a rather serious expression :o) It was nice to meet you and I'm still impressed how well Sweet Hunter played along! Hope to see both of you next year!

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous time and I am wondering, again (so many lovely blogs talking about the FQ retreat) why I didn't go!!? Must be more organised next year. Glad you had a good time. Bx (the linen cat)


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