Tuesday, 3 July 2012

this and that

I've been working away on a few bits and pieces this last couple of weeks. I'd forgotten really how much time a baby takes up! I mean he's such a good boy but I can't stop looking at him and smiling - oh well!

My stash is still a work in progress. I do a bit more on it when I'm ironing the kids clothes and it currently looks like this.

WIP Stash sorting!

Its about half way sorted would you say?? Well this would be great if it wasn't for this!

Stash building!

I just can't seem to stop buying fabric here and there. Here's a gorgeous stack from the great Pink Castle Fabrics and the first month of Fat Quarter Shops Mystery Designer BOM. I also opted to get the finishing and backing kits for the BOM quilt as its all made from Bonnie and Camille's Vintage Modern which I just adore!
I've also been mad stitching - 8 of these cute Robins to be precise! These are the design of Aneela Hoey and if you remember I made one whilst in London at the Fat Quarterly retreat. 

Robins @aneelahoey stylie! Made 8 of these after @fatquarterly retreat as presents for the ladies of the kitchen guild! A happy reminder!

When I got home I decided to make one for each of the girlies that were to be at the next meeting of the kitchen guild!! 

Kitchen Guild

Speaking of which I also managed to finish my foundation pieced pillow that I started at retreat! I gifted this to my lovely friend Mandy for her birthday a couple of weeks ago!

Postcard from Paris Pillow

Finally I've been doing some secret stitching for another dear friend - all will be revealed later!!!

Blimey when I started this post I didn't think I'd have much to show you!! I accomplished all this and managed to nurse 'Little Miss H' through an ongoing chest infection too. Poor mite has been very poorly this last few days :(


  1. Your organization method is perfect! Love the birdie stitchery. Lovely cushion, too. So sorry your little one is unwell. And that is one beautiful kitchen.

  2. aww poor girl, hope she feels better soon!
    Lovely makes Justine!

  3. owww poor love, your very neat with your stash, I ironed mine when I moved sewing rooms and did have a tidy up yesterday but it still not as neat as yours :)
    love the pillow too xxx

  4. That's not a kitchen, it's a space station!

  5. You've been a busy bee. Get well soon Holly! xx

  6. You have made a lot as well as being a mama. Like your stash. Di x

  7. No wonder you haven't had time to organise, you've been too busy sewing (and buying ;o) ). Hope little Miss H feels much better soon.

    PS, I got as far as the photocopier today to shrink a certain pattern, and I'll ping you some 'fur' choices soon...

  8. Your stash and stitching is looking fab. I have no idea how you manage to get this done with new baby around! Hope your little girl is feeling better soon.

  9. Nice stash!
    Poor little miss, hope she gets better really soon x

  10. Love your stash and your unit. Sorry Holly is still under the weather

  11. Lovely stash and makes. Poor little Miss H. Hope she's feeling much better soon!! x


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