Thursday, 9 May 2013

staple love

Today I spent a very lovely and much needed sewing day with my sewing bestie Katy, of I'm A Ginger Monkey fame!

Katy has just returned from teaching her now infamous EPP class at Camp Stitchalot in the USA. I'm a bit peeved I didn't go if I'm honest, it sounded like huge fun and there were lots of cool sewing types there! Camp Stitchalot is organised by Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics so you know it's a winner straight away right? 

Next year I'm going. For sure. In fact the thought of a weekends sewing in the warm USA sunshine with lots of my sewing buddies makes me proper smile!!

Anyhow today we sewed and sewed and it was great fun.

We made a good start on Staple dresses for us both. If you don't know the pattern then I urge you to go and check it out here. It's such a wearable, versatile style and the fun you can have with fabric choice is unlimited isn't it?

I'm making mine in the most gorgeous Anna Maria Horner Linen.

Katy is making hers in her signature look, leopard print right?!

I'll fully update you soon once the dress is finished, I've just got the arm casings to stitch on, some shirring on the back of the dress and the hemming to do. 

Yay for clothes making!!

Finally for today here's a snapshot of my now 10 year old daughter (what the what? How the heck did that happen?) opening her birthday presents this morning - its a sewing machine in there by the way!!


  1. Cool Present! My 10 Year Old Has Just Got Her First Sewing Machine,She's Dying To Get Her Hands On My Stash Now!

  2. sewing with mates is awesome :-) belated birthday wishes to your newest sewing bestie in the making!!

  3. Very best birthday wishes to little miss H (not so little anymore!), I hope she had a wonderful day and has many happy hours with her new sewing machine. Beth/thelinencat xx

  4. I love that fabric, can't wait to see the finished dress.
    Belated wishes to the birthday girl.

  5. Looks fab! Can't wait to see it all finished! Hope Holly is having fun on her sewing machine - she'll be raiding your shop before you know it!

  6. Happy belated birthday Holly!! (Don't let mummy make you sew her dresses!) x

  7. Happy birthday Holly! I was admiring the staple dress whilst I was suppose to working last night, might have to make myself one.

  8. ohh how did she like the machine ??? hope you'll be wearing the dress to FQR :)

  9. thanks for share....

  10. I was dying to go to Camp Stitchalot, but just couldn't be year for sure!

  11. Lovely fabric, Justine! Look forward to seeing the finished pics! And a belated happy birthday to miss H - my big girl will be 10 this year too, yikes, double figures! Hope the sewing machine went down well. What did you get? I like the look of the brightly-coloured John Lewis ones.


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