Sunday, 2 June 2013

busy what me?!

This last couple of weeks have whizzed by in a blur and here we are at the beginning of June! 

I've spent lots of quality time with the family and zilch time sewing, which has been great whilst it was happening and the kids have loved having my undivided attention but my workload for the next couple of weeks is now huge!! Hey Ho, home/work balance is something we're all working on right?

I wanted to share some pictures of what we've been up to so here you go:

That's right folks we went to visit the Harry Potter studio tour! It was a joint birthday present for the hubs and Holly from my parents and what can I say...A.MAZ.ING!!

We're all Harry Potter mad here so it was quite emotional for some of us, ahem, read me, to be on the actual real life set. Afterwards we hopped on the train to central London to do a bit of sight seeing and that's when the battery on my phone died. As did the hubs phone. Typical. So no pictures, which is a real shame as it was a glorious day. 

The day after we returned from London, the kids and I had a short break to the East Coast in my friends caravan, she was there with her son too.

As you can tell the weather was pretty poor, it was freezing most days but we still had fun on the beach and in the park! Its just nice to be away and have a change of routine isn't it?

The sunshine appeared of course when we came home, so Holly has made the most of it and got in a spot of gardening over the weekend!

Until next time when I promise there will be some sewing progress of some sort made!


  1. ^ nice spam!

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time. I really need to go to the Harry Potter studio tour!

  2. Now what a cool outing for kids, of all ages! Another item for our bucket list! My but your kids are growing!

  3. Definitely not telling my lot you have been to HP World, their jealousy would be unbearable!!!


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