Monday, 16 August 2010

Hexie Love.....

Today at last I've managed to get some hexies done. 

I don't have a set plan in mind for this little lot though I'm sure I'll think of something soon!

As well as sharing my hexies I thought I'd share my recent winnings too! 

When I got home from my holidays Kerry had emailed me to let me know that I won a recent giveaway on her lovely blog verykerrryberry

She had put together a scrap bag of lovely fabrics and included a mini pincushion made of the same fabrics. The pincushion is now in my hexie making kit, thanks Kerry I love it!


Now can you believe it but I won another giveaway today!! And guess what it was also from a lovely lady who goes by the name of Kerri!!

Remember the post I did on Sunday where you could win an embroidery pdf pattern from Kerri's fab blog Lovely Little Handmades? Well I won.

I chose this little fella who is from the Halloweenies collection. 'Master M' loves him and the whole collection will look great stiched up for him.

I just love lucky days!!


  1. How lucky...maybe do the lottery?? :)

  2. Congrats on the wins - kind of makes the day a little brighter, doesn't it?

  3. @ Josie-Mary - I did think about it but you know I have a problem with the lottery in general so it would be a bit 'Mr. G' tells me!!!

  4. @ Peg - It was sooo lovely both times, it does cheer you up you're right!! There's a letter on its way to you!

  5. So fun to win twice so quickly! I wish that I won more often but I have been lucky enough to win a prize or two, so I shouldn't complain. Can't wait to see what you do with your hexies. I have a little stack waiting for me too...I figure the right project will come along!

  6. @ Angela - Its so exciting winning isn't? Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I'm really honoured!


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