Thursday, 19 August 2010

A very busy day!

I'm really quite pleased with myself today. Acheived lots and all in my pj's, brilliant!

First up I have made excellent progress with a roman blind for 'Master M's' bedroom. His room has pale grey walls with white woodwork and he is wanting to go blue and red on the textiles front. 

This is said blind having the roman blind tape hand tacked across the back before been sewn on. Prior to this the blind had been cut out, ironed, sewn around three sides, re-ironed and pinned all over. Not bad considering I had two little people at home!

I was hoping to finish it this evening but got a little side tracked so I will finish it tomorrow whilst the little people are at a playdate and hopefully get a photo of it in situ soon!

Now I've never ever made a roman blind before so I used these guidelines from the wonderful Courtney at Seamstar. They were simple to follow and if I can do it anyone can, believe me!!

Not satisfied with whipping up a blind,  oh no! 'Master M' and I whipped up these beauties this afternoon too.

You can't beat yummy vanilla cupcakes with lots of sweet sickly icing on and don't forget the sprinkles!!

You see I told you we'd spent the day in our pj's!! 

I've also made good progress on a block for another quilting bee I'm doing, bee.quilted. This is the first month and the bee is using the quilt as you go method. Basically you not only construct the block for the quilt top, you are sent the batting and backing and you simply 'quilt as you go'!

So, pleased with todays efforts I'm saying goodnight. Hope tomorrow is as productive.


  1. Wow, what a day you have had! How do you manage to get so much done? Really rather jealous! he he! Well, let's hope that you have just as great a day today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I had a go at the quilt as tou go method, such a simple yet great idea :)

  3. @ coco rose - I hope today is as productive too! Off to a good start anyway, kids dropped off, yummy fabric parcel collected from Post Office and all before 9am!!

  4. @ maria - well you know it's really rather good this quilt as you go! I like it lots and it's my month in September so should see the fruits of a bee soon! Hooray!!

  5. Nice cupcakes and cupcake pincushion. I wish i knew how to quilt. Looks like fun.

  6. @ Glenys - I wouldn't say I know how to quilt! I'm still in the process of self-teaching and using the bees I'min as a very steep learning curve!! I am the seamrippeers BF!!!

  7. have you got a secret workforce helping you? you seem to be churning it out at a tremendous rate! yes, two days home from US and it seems a distant memory, we never made it to the car cruise as twice we went and could find nowhere to park.


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