Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Playing with Dolls.....

So you all know I have four girls right? And by girls I mean Blythe dollies yes?!

I'm relatively new to collecting dollies but very quickly I gathered four beauties just before last Christmas. And there it stopped. I'd spent way over my intended budget and holy moly the clothes are just so expensive!

Until today my poor girls have simply sat on a shelf spooking the hell out of my hubby! That is until I called at my friend Katy's for a quick coffee after the school run this morning.

You know how it is, I mentioned my girls were neglected, Katy said she's decided to sell some of her collection for the same reason (seriously it was huge anyway!) and so I said if she's ever selling clothes or accessories to let me look before listing it anywhere else. The rest you can guess!

So a couple of hours later and I'm back home with a stash of new clothes and accessories for my girls! Let me tell you even at mates rates it's cost me a pretty penny. Oh well, you can't take it with you as my Nan says. Good blinkin job 'Mr. G' would say!

So here are my girls Boo, Betty, Lexi & Queenie wearing what I think is an eclectic collection of clothing to see them through the summer festival period! Check out those Hunter wellies and that baseball cap! I've definitely fallen back in love with them and have even put Betty on the waiting list for a customisation by the very talented Milky Robot. Out of the four dollies she's the one that isn't clicking just now, she needs some serious funking up!!!

I'll leave you with a little sneak of a nearly finished project.

It should be finished by the weekend and I guarantee it will be cute!!



  1. Wow Justine, where did you get that cute new line from Aneela from???

  2. My friend loves these but I must confess I'm not a fan..... they spook me!!!! Your new project looks good :) x


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