Saturday, 25 June 2011


It seems listing my WIP's is working as I am now tackling them as opposed to hiding them!

This week has seen me cross the secret project off the list as it was turned into:

A cute little cushion using the Little Apples range by Aneela. 

So to remind me here's where I stand with the list.

1. Little Apples Project 
2. Lap Quilt for 'Little Miss H' - Progress (binding nearly sewn on)
3. Baby Boy Quilt
4. Cross Stitch
5. Crochet Blanket - Progress (another square completed)
6. Knitted Tank Top
7. Knitted Shrug
8. Lily's QAL
9. Fairytale Lap Quilt
10. Love Quilt - Progress (another square made)

If I'm been totally honest I would have liked to have completed more blocks on the 'Love' quilt but hey ho!

Other sewing has included this bunting:

This has been made for a twitter friend using the fairly new line by Denyse Schmidt that was a US & Australian release only. There will be a lap quilt to match very soon!! I'm very excited about these goodies as they are technically my first 'paid' for work - more about that another time.

This week has been a good mail week too! By that I mean 'ahem' fabric week

I also treated myself to a lovely new cushion cover which I got from the talented Leila. Her Etsy store is full of fab handmade goodies for the home, all in her great scrappy style. Love it!

Finally for now I also splurged and got some of this stunning line:

Yes it's some of the great Habitat by Jay McCarroll I really love the quilts that I have seen using this line and can't wait to make one for myself.

I'm working the next couple of days so it'll be quiet around here but hopefully I'll be back to some sewing on Tuesday! 


  1. Oooh love your little apples pillow and bunting, they're both so cute!!
    Thanks so much for the shout out, I'm so happy you're pleased with your new pillow. It couldn't have gone to a better home :-)


  2. LOve your sweet little apples pillow! Way to cross of #1 on the list - you're away!

  3. Cute job you made of the cushion! Hope it's going to someone special ;)

  4. Yay for a finish! I love the Little Apples pillow! Yummy fabric choices, as well!

  5. Both cushions look great - see listing makes you work on them!

  6. Oooh, love that little cushion you made. Am trying to resist buying fabric until I have a bit more in my Paypal account but you are really putting temptation in my way - love that Jay McCarroll stuff..

  7. I LOVE everything especially the Little Apples pillow. So cute!

  8. Love your apple pillow and your bunting looks great, exciting news about your paid work can't wait to hear more.
    Ooh I'm glad to see it's not only me who has been busy buying fabric lately!


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