Monday, 20 June 2011


So in an attempt to make myself crack on and get my WIP's actually completed, I've decided to join in the WIP fun over on Meg's blog! Basically you blog your WIP list and then give weekly updates as you check the items off your list. In theory.

So here goes, my dreaded list that I WILL complete over the summer!!

1. Secret Project - this little fun project using Aneela's new line needs to be finished first.

 2. Lap Quilt - this is for 'Little Miss H' and is just waiting on the binding been hand sewn on and a few little appliques to the front to cover the disastorous burn mark :(

3. Baby Boy Quilt - This quilt top is 3/4 pieced and needs finishing as soon as possible so it can be given to it's new owner.

4. Cross stitch - cute little super-hero project for 'Master M'

5. Crochet blanket - Ongoing project from the lovely Dottie Angel blog that needs finishing before I start another crochet blanket!!

6. Knitted tank top - for moi!

7. Knitted shrug - For 'Little Miss H'

 8. Lily's Quilts QAL - this will be a picnic rug when finished and is made using the Hideaway collection, so cute!

9. Fairytale Lap Quilt - this is going to be for my neice

10. Love Quilt - this is made using the blocks from my month in Fresh Modern Bee 2. Modified Bento blocks using Amy Butler's Love range, a king size for our bed. Massive!

Wish me luck!!!



  1.'ve got a nice bundle of projects to keep you busy! You can do it! =)

  2. Goodness, that's an impressive list you've got before you!! Good luck and have a busy summer! It's good that you've got some portable projects for picnic in the park days...your knitting and cross-stitch will be perfect.

  3. Excited to have you join in! You have some beautiful projects going on here!

  4. Wow, you are going to be busy....not sure I'd dare to pull out all of my wips - I'd just scare myself, much better to pretend they aren't there! Good luck. Juliex

  5. Wow Justine, these all look fabulous - looking forward to seeing the finished versions of them all.

  6. Wow - what a variety of stuff you have on the go! Actually, come to think of it.... errrr... maybe I have a similar pile.. It all looks fab, but I love the look of that tank top particularly.. I do love a tank top.

  7. Seriously, good luck with all those UFO's!! Loving the crochet blanket, I need to check that tut out!


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