Monday, 23 January 2012

Fairytale finish...

At last the Fairytale quilt has been finished and handed to my niece!! Her face was a picture when she saw it, excited doesn't even come close!!

The quilting was completed in simple organic straight lines and when washed and dried the quilt measured up at approx. 48" square. The fairytale pictures are cut from a panel by Alexander Henry, surrounded by pastel coloured strips from a Bella Solids jelly roll. The top and bottom sashing is scallop stripes called Caitlin I think, again from Alexander Henry and the side sashing is cute sausage dogs and I really can't remember who they're by - sorry!

Here it is on the sofa as it was really bad weather outside!!

And here's one of my niece snuggled underneath her quilt:

Apologies for the poor picture quality, we really couldn't get a photo shoot set up outside due to the weather so these were taken on my SIL mobile and sent to me later that evening as I'd completely forgot to take my proper camera!! 

I also came home with this rocking chair that my SIL had thrifted for me earlier in the month:

picture taken using Instagram App for iPhone with Nashville filter
It just needs a lick of grey paint and a comfy cushion making for it and it'll be perfect for when the baby arrives, who was also lucky enough to receive this in the post over the weekend too:

picture taken using Instagram app for iPhone with Toaster filter
Its a beautiful Cashmere bear from my talented friend Beth of The Linen Cat. If you haven't heard of her before please do go and check out her website as her work is fabulous - we're huge fans here!!

Finally for today (after a busy weekend that included Saturday's day out to Bridlington visiting family and Sunday spent at Ikea, swimming lessons, erecting wardrobes and laying a new kitchen floor, phew), we decided to have an easy tea at Pizza Hut. Here's a brilliant snap of my gang:

picture taken on iPhone with no filter
Hope you all have a great week - I'm going to be doing lots of sewing!! What about you?


  1. Thanks for the mention :) Love the fairytale quilt, how happy does your niece look! Sounds like you've had a super busy weekend, hope it slows down a bit before the baby arrives. Bethx

  2. Aww....your gang looks like they're having so much fun! And that fairy-tale quilt - how wonderful for a little girl - it's gorgeous! Nice way to start being prepared for the new addition - every baby deserves a 'new' rocking chair! Blessings!

  3. Justine, that is gorgeous, well done you.

  4. Perfect Quilt!! Ah the Linen Cat have always loved her makes! Kx

  5. Quilt for a rocking chair seems like a great trade to me!

  6. Aww what a lovely quilt J, good work! x

  7. That quilt is fab and your team are all so lovely!

  8. No wonder your niece is so happy. And love the photo of everyone together - gorgeous. Juliex


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