Sunday, 8 January 2012

QAL's, Fabric & Crochet

In all honesty I've not quite got my sewing thing on yet this year. I'm finding it hard been so tired and pregnant so instead I've been stalking the postie waiting for my pre-Christmas fabric orders to arrive!!

Here they are in all their glory. I just love me some fabric shopping!

I've also decided that I need to use up my stash of Creative Cotton Rico yarns and make the baby a blanket for when Hunter arrives! I've decided on a simple granny square blanket and I used this tutorial to help me along. I'm using the gorgeous lined drawstring bag that Katy made me for christmas to store my supplies in for this project and I take it everywhere with me, just in case I get chance for some hooky!

In order to help with my sewing mojo I let that Katy talk me into joining not one but two quilt-a-longs!! 

The first is here and is making the fabulous 'Made in Cherry' quilt by Sarah Fielke with options to make a 60", 80" or 90" quilt - exciting eh??
pins & bobbins

The lovely Chelsea will be posting the first official post on the 13th January and you can also find the Flickr group here.

The second is here and is making the very popular and gorgeous Swoon quilt top by Camille Roskelly.

So if you're like me and in need of inspiration - hop on board too because as we all know 'the more the merrier!'


  1. oooh stash envy! The fabrics look gorgeous! Hope you and your bump are doing well!

  2. Are the velveteen's as yummy as they look and where did you get them from?

  3. Oooh, love a granny square.. gorgeous. Am a bit green re your AMH velveteens, they are beautiful. And I am very seriously AVOIDING joining in any QALs, but they are everywhere - I DO love that Swoon, it's a real struggle not to sign up...

  4. All good stuff my dear! Not sure how I got sucked into yet another quilt along but I'm right there with you!

  5. I, too, splurged on a bunch of Echino. Scrumptious!!! Looks like you made quite a haul of lovely yardage. Good luck with your quiltalongs, your pregnancy and the hooky blanky (which is going to be adorable!).

  6. Ah, you too on the postie stalking :oD Lovely selection, especially the velveteens!

    Hope you and the bump have fun with the QALs. I held out on those ones because 3 others sucked me in before I saw them lol

  7. Drool, love the stash! have to see if I can join one of the groups. Kx

  8. Fab looking stash, I am struggling to find fabric that inspires me in all the new collections at the moment, not sure why.

    Hope you are keeping well and don't try to do too much! Take it easy. Bethx


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