Wednesday, 18 January 2012

stacks & stacks

Well this year is whizzing by me in a daze! I can't keep up there's that much going on! 

I had fully intended to blog over the weekend but 'Little Miss H' ended up in hospital with a nasty Urinary Tract Infection, she was having terrors, refusing to wee and drink and it was all very stressful. The stress then caused me to have a case of serious Braxton Hicks and by Sunday evening I was convinced this baby was going to appear!!! Anyway, he hasn't and 'Little Miss H' is on the mend thank goodness!!

I've spent all this week cutting fabric for the silly amount of quilts I'm making. First up is my nearly completely cut stack for the Swoonalong on Katy's blog.

I'm hoping to get 1 or 2 of the blocks pieced this afternoon - excited about that I am!

Then I have cut 180 3.5" squares for the Made in Cherry QAL plus 20 3.7/8" squares that were turned into 40 triangles!

Next up are the 284 2.5" squares for the Bust Yo Scraps QAL. I must confess I cheated here and just raided Katy's pre-cut stash of squares as I could not face any more cutting - my poor pregnant back!

I've also started the cutting of 10" squares for a lap quilt for 'Master M' in Dr. Seuss fabrics, he's been begging me for so long I kinda feel guilty I've been neglecting his needs.

I've had to get organised in my storage of all these projects!!

Even my yarn projects come neatly stacked these days....

Well all I need to do now is decide how I'm going to divvy up my sewing time!! Should I just work on a quilt until its finished then start the next one or have a dedicated time per week for each project??

Let me know what you'd do!!!


  1. Wow! The bag idea is great!
    I get bored doing the same project from start to finish, just pick out what you feel like doing for an hour or two...fabrics for your swoon along look perfect.

  2. That's a heck of a lot of cutting!! I think I'd work on one but switch when I wanted a break then repeat! :)

  3. Wow, and I thought I cut a lot yesterday. I understand your dilemma about organizing the sewing - lately I've just been going with 'what I feel like that day'. Looking forward to seeing these done up!

  4. Oh, and hope Miss H is all better real soon!

  5. Hi Justine, when I have several knitting projects on the go (which is most of the time) I spend the same amount of time on each one in turn. That way I feel I'm not neglecting anything and making progress with them all. Hope you are well. Judi X

  6. Yikes, sorry about your medical disaster of a weekend! Hope you're all much better now, and that you haven't got cramp in your hand from all that cutting!

  7. No idea - I am so disorganised I wouldn't want to follow any advice given by me! Hope the braxton hicks stay away and Miss H is properly better - poor wee soul. Juliex

  8. Wow I can't believe you have done all your cutting for all of these. Cutting is the bit I dislike the most. Lovely colours in all of them.

  9. Sounds like a totally stressful weekend, glad little miss H is on the mend (and hopefully back to her normal self now), I'm very impressed by your organisation! Bethx

  10. I'm joining in. I've mentioned you and Katy on my blog as I've plucked up the courage to join in with the Made in Cherry QAL. Love your organisation :)


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