Friday, 15 June 2012

Sunday Musings - FQ Retreat

I feel like this post is a really delayed!! Everyone else seems to have moved on from their retreat posts but I wanted to get my final instalment posted before I move onto the other stuff I've been getting up to this week!!

Sunday morning's class was Lynne's Foundation Paper Piecing where I opted to make a cushion cover using Melody Millers awesome fabrics and co-ordinating scraps. Here's the first block in progress:

Foundation Paper Piecing
from SewJustineSew flickr stream
This was a great class and under Lynne and Mandy's watchful eyes I mastered the technique without much problem! In fact I really love this technique and the completed cushion is awesome (it will feature in a post very soon!)

Lunchtime saw John getting some boy time with Hunter so I could eat my lunch!! Everyone was so helpful with the little fella and it really helped me get the most out of the weekend. In fact John spent most of his Sunday afternoon class teaching whilst holding Hunter so that I could actually get to a machine and sew. How amazing is that? I am truly blessed with the best friends ever!

Boy Time!
John & Hunter from SewJustineSew Flickr 

Here's a picture of the wonky log cabin I made on Sunday afternoon, this plus more will be turned into a mini wall hanging for my sewing room!!

When the retreat came to an end it really was very emotional! I mean there were tears and everything!! It was obvious that beers were required to celebrate and later in the evening a lovely meal out was had with my bestest sewing buddies!!
Lu & Hunter
Lu and Hunter from SewJustineSew flickr
Hunter & Katy!
Katy and Hunter from SewJustineSew Flickr
Dinner after FQ Retreat
All of us!! Photo from Scissors & Thread 

Ok left to right we have Lynne (Lily's Quilts & Fat Quarterly), Brioni (Flossy Blossy & Fat Quarterly), Lucie Summers (Blu-Shed), Katy (Monkey Do & Fat Quarterly), John (Quilt Dad & Fat Quarterly), Me!, Tacha (Hanies Quilts & Fat Quarterly), Mandy (Simply Solids) & A (Scissors & Thread)

That's all from me on the retreat front - Roll on next year!!!!!!


  1. great photos - and I so can't wait until next year!

  2. Slightly delayed, but allowing us to live in the moment a smidge longer :o) Miss you bird xxx

  3. Great post. You did so well with a baby in tow. I sat behind you in the paper piecing class and you were going great guns! Di x

  4. I can't believe how much you managed with little (big) Hunter in tow! And well done John for taking on the baby and teaching at once :)

  5. Drag it out for as long as you can!
    Was Hunter pretending to sleep so Lu would stop talking? xxx

  6. Hmm, anything entitled 'Sunday musings' on a Friday is either seriously delayed or ahead of its time... We'll go with the latter ;o)


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