Monday, 26 January 2015

EPP anyone?

I was wondering what to post about today so I had a look through my Instagram posts for this past week and it became apparent!

I appear to have done a fair bit of EPP this week!

The top photo is the beginnings of my #ukminiswap quilt, which is a mini quilt swap that's been run over on Instagram.
The bottom hexies are a project I've had on the go for a few weeks now and I think I'll turn them into a cushion eventually. Looking at them like this I'm not liking the yellow flower, it's lost against the background print don't you think?

I've also been working on some comissioned pieces this week so can only show you sneak peeks! 

There have been some magic moments with the kiddos this past week too!

Jett had his eight week check and now weighs a whopping 13lb 8oz! He's also enjoying more awake time and some tummy time here and there.

 Holly's teacher sent a copy of this writing home on Friday after calling me to let me know how well Holly is doing at school! I'm so proud of Holly for this, she's pretty much cracked Hunter hasn't she? She could barely write her name in September and declared writing too hard, now she's wanting to write - this list was initiated by Holly herself!

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  1. Your EPP is lovely - Katy's fabrics look gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous - Jetts so cute and well done Holly! X


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