Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year, New Blog!

So 2015 has arrived and with it my new shiny blog look! I've been thinking for a while I needed a makeover to try and give me some blogging spark and I just love my blog's new look!

2014 was a sometimes tough yet happy year for me. My beloved Nan passed away, my 4th baby, Jett, was born and my business Simply Solids is going from strength to strength. I'm feeling good moving forward and wanted to share with you a few things that might help focus your year as they are going to mine.


This is a great idea, my word is:

I need to nurture my family as we readjust to been a family of 6, I want to nurture my hubby as he needs to reconnect with his friends and hobbies after spending much of 2014 looking after a grumpy, pregnant me! I also believe that if I nurture my business it will continue to grow in the direction I'm aiming for.

2015 Sewing Bucket List

I'm looking forward to taking part in this over on Instagram. There are 17 prompts to guide you with your 2015 sewing, check them out over on Deborah's blog. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram to see my progress my tag is @sewjustinesew I will document my makes here too of course!

26 Books to read in 2015

Again this is similar to the Sewing Bucket list as in there are prompts to guide your reading. I'm looking forward to this one, I read around 30 books last year so this is achieveable I'm sureTo find out more head to the BringingUpBurns blog

I've got lots of sewing planned and am going to bust some WIPs this year too! Yeah Yeah, you've heard it all before but seriously, this is THE year.


Well hello and thanks so much for commenting! It's lovely to hear from you, Justine xx

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