Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm in Love.....

As you all know I've fallen a little behind in my sewing schedule over the summer months and I'm blaming that entirely on the kids, little blighters!

Anyhow now they're back in school and it's just me and the baby at home I'm catching up and quick - huzzah!

First up I've almost completed my 'Sailor Mouth Swap' (which I love & actually don't want to give away), I'm just finishing hand stitching the binding down and it can be posted off with the other goodies I gathered together for my partner. Seen as you've seen the front of the pillow - here's the back!! I used a Tula Pink fabric and am binding it in that very lovely blue from my stash, heaven knows what it is or where it's from....

I've also managed a little more stitching on my Dessert of the Month club and June is well under way.

Finally I have a little excitement occurring on the blog towards the end of the week that involves this.

And something else that is majorly exciting will be announced at the weekend!!

Intriguing eh?


  1. Love the print on the back, roll on the weekend!

  2. Love love love your work....

  3. Oh yes, roll on next weekend, I'm intrigued now (have you tweeted this gossip??! probably and it serves me right that I'm such a cr*p tweeter and haven't tweeted for ages). Really love the cross stitch, so very cute. Beth/thelinencat xx


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