Sunday, 9 September 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Now that I've got both Holly and Max back to school I feel like I'm getting back into a routine whereby I can sew when Hunter is asleep on a morning. Trust me this feels great!

I've got a few urgent sewing type projects that I really need to get caught up on and out of the way before I move onto something new, so this is what the next couple of weeks will be about.

First up I've picked up my Dessert of the Month cross stitch again. This lovely project fell by the wayside when Hunter came along, I'd only completed the first four months to April! Well not anymore - here's May too!!

He's such a cute flan isn't he?

I've also been working away on a swap project for the 'Sailor Mouth Swap'!! I'm sure by the title you can all guess what it might involve - that's right my potty mouth gets free reign in this one!! Thankfully its a small tight swap group of crafters who like a good cuss now and then and who aren't easily offended. 

Here's a shot of the project underway, sorry if it offends you I've tried to conceal the sweary bit!

I've got a couple more secret projects that I've been beavering away on too but the reveal for those will have to wait until I've got the all clear to do so! Boo!

Finally the postie brought me two great new books this week. The first is Aneela's 'Little Stitches' which I have been hanging for since she announced it in the works months ago!! It hasn't disappointed the designs are just too cute and I can't wait to stitch some of them up. You can get yourself a copy here and direct from Aneela here.

Little Stitches: 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs 12 Projects

The second one is Julie Jaybirds 'Skip the Borders', again this is a lovely book and I can see at least one quilt been made from it. I've been a fan of Julie's blog since I started blogging/sewing so it's great to have a book from her too. You can get yourself a copy here.


  1. I love your swearing things just too funny. And where did you find the desert of the month xstitch please as I would love to for it.

  2. The sailor mouth swap is very funny! made me laugh anyway. Nice books, I have had to stop buying new ones as they seem to be stacking up and I'm feeling guilty. Glad to hear you're getting some regular sewing time in as well, I remember who fabulous that first routine feels when you get some regular 'me' time back - long may it last. Beth/thelinencat xx

  3. Yay for getting back into a routine :o) BTW, TBB II is now done, and awaiting both a name and a colour for his ribbon, I'll send pics :o)

  4. Lol at Sailor Mouth Swap. Glad you have your sewing time back - hope Hunter likes his morning sleep until he's ready for pre-school...!

  5. Love the sailor mouth swap and your desert of the month is really coming on. Julie's book is on my wish list at the moment too. (Also love LJs birthday present from your last post too, you are the stitching queen!)

  6. Oh my gosh!! If there is going to be another round of that swap, and you are looking for entrants, I am ALL IN! How fun is that!?


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