Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday morning me time!

Can you hear that? Nope me neither. No loud noises, no hustle and bustle. Phew!

Today marks the start of 'back to school' week here and I'm one kiddo down. I honestly cannot believe the difference it makes to the volume in this house. The baby is sleeping, he's been asleep an hour already, that's not happened for let me see, 6 weeks!

My poor little old blog has been sorely neglected during the month of August and I do apologise for that. On the other hand I think its nice to down tools for a while and trust me it's going to mean a more revitalised Justine with lots up her sleeve for this blog and my sewing life in general!

Ages ago I showed a sneak peek of a stitchy project I was working on and now the lovely LJ has received her very late birthday present I can do the full reveal. Ta Dah!

Its a geeky stitchery, just great for my own geeky buddy!! The pattern is available here from the marvellous Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery if you fancy stitching up a geek of your own!

I've also worked hard on my Spring Carnival EPP over the holidays and its nearly complete, as you can see just one circle to add and I can turn it into a mahoosive cushion! I've used Kona Grey and Lizzy House's 1001 Peeps, I really love how it's turned out.

I've been beavering away on a quilt for my friends 40th and am now in the final stages of piecing the top. I'm hoping to get it to 'Longarm Chris' this week for quilting, it's turned out lovely and will be hard to part with! Promise there will be pictures in my next post!

And finally a few snaps of the summer fun that's been occurring round these parts!!

Catch you all soon X


  1. Summer is meant to be down time and time away from the routine. You have made some lovely things despite it being summertime. Di x

  2. Thank you lovely lady! It's gone straight on the wall, which is becoming a bit of a Justine shine what will the FQ birdy hoop too! Glad to have you back x

  3. Nice to get a little break :) Laura's hoop is amazing!! The Spring Carnival looks brilliant too!

  4. Hope you had a restful Summer! Your Spring Carnival quilt is gorgeous.

  5. Yay, glad you had a good summer! Juliex


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