Friday, 24 September 2010

Christmas Came Early Here!

Fab fabric delivery from Seamstar!
I've been awaiting all week for this HUGE delivery and have nearly pee'd my pants more than once this morning whilst tracking its journey online. Yes I am aware that most of you will think me mad. Or sad. Let's face it probably both!

So where to start? At the beginning I think. I'd had my eye on the Christmas bundle over at Seamstar for a couple of weeks and was waiting, patiently, for Courtney to list the Halloween bundle.

I'm in a few swaps that are Christmas themed and I also wanted to make some Christmassy things for our home this year too. 'Master M' is Halloween mad so I thought I could make him some bunting for his bedroom using this cute bundle.

My Mind's Eye - Boo To You
I'm also making quite a few quilts and bits that require a lot of light grey so after much deliberation and chatting with Courtney I decided to buy a whole bolt from her. Wow, my first bolt. I'm shocked with myself for taking the plunge, really I am. Courtney had to organise a courier to get the bolt to me so I decided to make life easier and just order everything I needed in one fell swoop rather than a bit at a time.

My Minds Eye & Alexander Henry Christmas Bundle
With the Christmas bundle you get a free mini Christmas ribbon bundle and as I ordered my bundle as a 1/2m bundle rather than a FQ bundle, I got 2 free ribbon bundles which is a massive 28m of Christmas ribbon!!

Free ribbon bundles from Seamstar
Now because Courtney is just such a lovely gal she also chucked in a couple more freebies for me too. The ribbon bag at the right of the above picture is a scrap bag of ribbons she popped in and the fabric wraps shown in the picture below were another little gift.

Moda Jelly Roll & Fabric Wraps - Seamstar
Now these little fabric wraps are very cute and make an ideal treat for you or a friend. They're available now here and are a great idea for getting some instant fabric gratification without breaking the bank!

Courtney also ordered the Moda Solids Jelly Roll in especially for me too as I needed it to make my niece a quilt for Christmas. More on that later! She had to order a couple of the jelly rolls so the rest will be appearing at Seamstar soon!

Echino, Kona & Chez Moi - Seamstar
Finally there was this little lot in the delivery too! Some Echino and Kona to make me a bag and an offcut of Chez Moi (now sold out) just because. 

So now I can get sewing into full swing and hopefully have a very productive few weeks in the run upto Christmas. Speaking of which if you check out the Seamstar blog there is a great tutorial for a travel wallet which would make a fab Christmas present.

I'm going to go hide all my fabric now before 'Mr. G' gets home........


  1. Wow - you very naughty girl! I am so jealous and may have to pop on over to Seamstar right now in order to make myself feel better.xx

  2. What gorgeous fabrics, I think it's really great you got so excited. Looking forward to see what you make with it all. The purple bus fabric and the spottie one are a fab combination love it..x

  3. I can't articulate how jealous I am.

  4. I have serious fabric envy!

    I love the keep calm and sew on badge on your blog. Can I steal it for my blog too please??!!

  5. Wow, now that's a fabric delivery!!
    You must feel like your in heaven,

  6. Yes.......YOU ARE TOTALLY NUTS!

    & thanks for all the mentions. Looking forward to seeing the finished results :)

  7. Oh wow! How lovely to receive that wonderful haul. I hide my buys too and tell little white lies about all the deliveries this is my favourite one:
    hubbie: there is yet another parcel here for you
    me: oh that is from a swap isn't it lovely it cost me nothing
    him: oh, ok
    me: *thinks* I will never get into heaven!
    Kandi x

  8. I would have almost peed my pants too TBH. You lucky thing!! (Im currently dropping lots of hints to my OH to get me the Amy Butler love collection - all of it!!) Cant wait to see what you do with all that lush fabric! x

  9. Hi Justine! Wow What a lot of gorgeousness going on over at yours! The yarn you asked about is bargainous in the extreme! It's the Lucy Pack of Creative Cotton in Rico. I bought it from the wonderful ladies at First4Yarn. There's quite a long waiting time but I think it's worth it. I'm really enjoying my spectacles case! Where did you get your clever open/closey thingummybobs from? Lots of love Mrs G! Amanda xxx

  10. Just found your blog through Em's Shabby Shack. You have a lovely blog!
    All the fabric is gorgeous, I'll have to go visit Seamstar! :) x

  11. wow what a large delivery!!! Lucky you, have fun sewing :) x

  12. Beautiful fabric! I love those christmas ones. Christmas fabric is one of my weaknesses!

  13. Gorgeous fabric - I love the Christmas bundle, I have a FQ stack of some of Riley Blakes Christmas collection from last year (Be Merry) and I think I might be tempted by this one too after seeing yours. I hide my fabric arrivals too!!


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