Saturday, 18 September 2010

This week I've......

been feeling the hooky love!

A while ago I got this lovely yarn pack::

photo courtesy of Lucy @ Attic 24
Lucy had featured the yarn on her blog and as I love her colour choices and tutorials (excellent for beginner crocheters) I decided to treat myself! The yarn is 100% cotton and called Rico Creative Cotton I got mine from first4yarns as this was where Lucy recommended. Due to the huge influx of sales this recommendation from Lucy received, the store put together a pack called Lucy's Creative Colour Pack! At the time (back in May) I had to wait a approx. 3 weeks for the order as the poor shop keeper couldn't keep up with the demand! You can still order the pack and I bet you get it a lot quicker now!!

So first up I had a go at this::

A cute crochet jam jar cover that now houses pens and pencils on a shelf in the kitchen. I learnt huge lessons with this little project, mainly because I chose a huge jar that tapered in at the neck so I had to teach myself how to decrease stiches on the way! Anyway I managed with a few expletives (little people in bed I assure you!) and I'm pleased with this as my first attempt. I'll definitley be making more.

On the hook now::

using the same yarn pack, is a little WIP. Promise to share more as it grows!

I'm also loving these this week too::

Gorgeous, gorgeous Lilies bought from a roadside van near my house at the beginning of the week. This is the first one to open. Beautiful isn't it?

So plans for the rest of the weekend = attaching 'Master M's' blind now 'Mr. G' has finally got the wood batten in place. Voile curtains in 'Little Miss H's' bedroom window and more hookin'. 

What's in store for you this weekend?


  1. I am still suffering from hooky envy - maybe I should blog about wanting someone to teach me?! Naughty me, I must stop this obsession...xx

  2. Well done Justine! It's a bit addictive isn't it? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. I bought that yarn pack too, I love the colours but boy does it split ! I'm not sure if it was my batch, did you have any problems with it ? I have been told using a bamboo needle helps with splitting, may have to try that..

  4. Those colors are amazing! Love them!

  5. Gorgeous colours and love the jam jar cover! Well Donex
    Hope you have a lovely weekend Hugs Clare x
    Email sent x :-)

  6. Love the yarn and well done on your crocheting. I must admit I'm itching to have ago.
    This week I'll be mainly sorting out my fabric stash as my machine is off to be mended after a very unfortunate falling out with some heavy duty fabric!
    Can't wait to see what your WIP is!

  7. lovely colours - lillies I love but the men in the house are allergic to them - I have them in the garden but have to cut out their stamens to keep the pollen away! shame.

  8. I got some of that yarn too, as the colours were quite delicious and I wanted to work with a different type of yarn. A bit fiddly as it's quite thready, but if you get past that then the results are nice! I love your jar and the flowers are really stunning! Cannot wait to see your finished WIP! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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