Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sewing Yay!!

Well after the huge moan on my last post I have at last some sewing for your perusal! Well this is meant to be a sewing blog after all.

A little bit of hand sewing done yesterday. 

A cute red felt needle book complete with teeny tiny hexagons and two felt flower brooches. The hexagons were made out of the scraps of fabric I won a while back from Kerry. Cath Kidston's Stanley dog looks very cute, don't you agree?

The cute pink and red polka dot material (I should've ironed it!) is Lecien and is part of a FQ bundle I got from Kerri on Etsy.

I'm also quickly (thank heavens!) catching up on my bee block commitments. Here is my final block for the bee quilted group.

I've only completed two months in this bee as I'm trying to reduce my commitments. 'Little Miss H' is struggling at school and needs more of my time and I need to spend more time keeping an eye on school! Sounds strange I know but I have a gut feeling I'm going to have a fight on my hands to keep her in mainstream this year. Anyway, enough. That's a whole different issue!

I've received my partner's details for the scrappy pincushion round 2 swap so I'll be getting started on that mini project this week too, pictures to follow I promise.

Finally a little fabric splurging! I got a FQ bundle of Far Far Away 2 again from Kerri

And I also got this::

This is from another Etsy seller called Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. I got this 0.5yd bundle in a 24h sale they were having last month! It's clearly Christmas fabric and is all from Michael Miller. 

There's a good selection of funky Christmas fabric cropping up here in the UK at the moment, my favourite currently is this::

image courtesy of Seamstar
 If you're in the market for some Christmas crafting you should check out Seamstar, Courtney has a great Christmas section on the site!


  1. Love your felt brooches Justine! :) That Far Far Away 2 fabric is gorgeous, just love the colours.
    Hope things work out ok for you with your daughters schooling.
    Vivienne x

  2. Love the fabrics! Good luck with school, my son has special needs and goes to a special school. But all of the parents I've met with special needs children in mainstream have, without exception, a big fight on their hands getting the support their children need. I fully sympathise - go get em! Jane x

  3. That far far away fabric is gorgeous Justine :)

  4. @ Vivienne.

    Thanks! You know the mount cards you use for your brooches do you make them yourself?? Just wondered how you got your logo on them??!! So far so good with Holly, thanks for the support.

  5. @ Jane.

    Thanks for commenting and welcome! It's always a fight for something when you have a child with 'special needs' isn't it??

  6. @ Maria.

    Hi Maria, It's even more gorgeous in the flesh - can't wait to get the other colourways!!

  7. I love your little makes and your new fabrics are beautiful.
    I hope all goes well with Holly and you get/keep what you want for her. Finn goes to school with a little boy with downs syndrome and I know his presence in the classroom is really appreciated by the other children. I also know tho' that his mum has had to put up a battle this year to ensure he gets the help he needs. Bets of luck with it all. Juliex

  8. Hi Justine. Guess what Postie delivered this morning????? Oh my word! You are so kind to send me such bounty. Thank you Justine. You made my day. Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

  9. I'm loving the far and away 2 fabrics, yummy!
    In answer to your question the floral called retro floral that goes with the scottie dog fabric is from Clarke & Clarke. You can buy online, also there is spots to match.
    I am lucky enough to have a shop called C&H fabrics near me and costs only £10.00 a metre, and no delivery charge.
    Try here....


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