Wednesday, 22 September 2010

In the Post

My lovely pincushion for the Scrappy Pincushion Swap. I sent a few other bits in the parcel as well including some felt balls, felt cupcake and some scraps from my stash. Hope you like it partner!

I was led to this lovely giveaway earlier this  morning and just had to enter. The fabric in the giveaway is TDF.

photo courtesy of Me? A Mom?
I love everything about this bundle, not least the colours and the prints, some of which are rare now. Wish me luck and if you enter too:: Its mine all mine!

My Scrappy Mug Rug is well under way, as is my bee block for Lynne oh and the crochet I started at the weekend! I'll post again soon with pictures to show you, promise.


  1. Justine, Thank you so much for my lovely goodies ...Em x

  2. I am sure that your partners will be thrilled - the goodies look great.xx

  3. Gorgeous Little pin cushion!! xx Wish I was your partner!! xx

  4. Hi Justine!! Thank you so much for your very sweet gift! I absolutely adore the pincushion! And the fabrics are fabulous too - my 6 year old thinks the one with the lollies, hotdogs etc is "awesome" (of course!!) Danielle x


Well hello and thanks so much for commenting! It's lovely to hear from you, Justine xx

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