Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pincushions & Bee Blocks!

So I've managed to get a little more sewing completed on my ever expanding 'to do' list!

As some of you may be aware I am taking part for the 1st time in the 'Scrappy Pincushion Swap' which is a great little swap that happens over on flickr. Here's my finished pincushion::


So what d'ya think?

It's totally hand sewn and I love it. However, I have learnt many lessons for next time:: 

Choose a closer weave linen as when you stuff your pincushion a more open weave gives too much - obvious now I've made the mistake!

Make your stitches much tighter and closer together so they cannot be seen when the pincushion is stuffed!

I love the pincushion but am undecided whether because it's hand sewn it's up to expected standards - Mmmm. Do I make a machine sewn one???


I've also completed another bee block for bee quilted, quilt as you go. This one has been pieced for a while and just needed quilting, I'm no longer taking part in this bee and will now be concentrating on my Fresh Modern Bee 2 commitments (Lynne, your block is next I promise!!).

Finally, remember these beauties Jo showed off on her blog::

photo courtesy of Muddy Puddle Crafts
I loved loved loved them and simply had to have one! Can you guess which colour?

Hooray for red and aqua!!

Anyway must dash just taken delivery of something really special (Yep, Katy if you're reading this she's arrived!!)

Promise I'll share soon.....


  1. Wow love your pin cushions and I also love your little blue and spotty heart!

  2. I love the orange block! It's beautiful1

  3. I'd have gone for the red and aqua too!

    I'm sure your pincushion meets the grade - handsewn is so much more special.

  4. Love the pin cushions!! I have yet to dive into the hexagon quilting, think i'll stick to stright lines for now!
    And I see flower pins, Mmmm I dont have those, I see more pins entering my collection..Kxx

  5. Those pincushions are so gorgeous Justine :)

  6. Your pincushion is absolutely beautiful. And just because it's handsewn doesn't make it inferior - quite the opposite I should think. I do like your choice in hearts. Those colours are so pretty together.

  7. pincushions are fun, handsewn has to be best surely and .. love the hearts ... so pretty. xxx


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