Wednesday, 15 September 2010


the newest love in my life. Candy Carnival.

I really cannot believe I actually, really own her. My first Blythe doll. My only Blythe doll according to Mr. G!

So you've seen CC before right? Yes that's right she's in the 'Things I {heart}' section of my right hand side bar. Well this is actually that self same doll, after much discussion and negotiation and umming and aaghhing (on my part - these dolls are expensive you know). I finally bit the bullet so to speak and purchased her from a lovely girlie on Flickr. Alas she did not come in the gorgeous outfit she is wearing in the pictures that captured my heart (my budget unfortunately could not stretch to that) but at least she didn't travel naked, that would have been just plain rude! 

So it seems another obsession has been born, another avenue for my creativity. As you can see from these poorly styled pictures I need to practise styling and photographing CC so that she looks uber-cool, just like all those beauty dolls out there that started me wondering. Wondering if I dare enter this cool world of Blythe!

How cute is this bunny hat?

So October 2nd it is. I'm off to Blythe Con where I hope to pick up lots of sewing tips so I can make my own goodies for CC and no doubt where I'll get the beginnings of the uber-cool wardrobe my lovely is in need of.

Finally. Katy, thanks (!) As if I needed another obsession, you tipped me over the edge, you made me do it, you evil girl you! Thank-you. See you at Blythe Con. 


  1. I do find these dolls interesting and ery at the same time I have no idea why, but you do just want to sit and stare for ages!
    She is stunning

  2. its an addiction - you cant stop after 1 *giggle*

  3. Hi Justine. I used a 3mm hook for my jar covers, but I'm a very loose crocheter. Sounds like you may be a tighter crocheter, so just play around with it. Try a 4.5mm, see how it goes. Sometimes I just think well my work looks a bit different but I like it and just go with it! Hope that helps. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. it's totally an addiction. I dare you to try and stop at 1!!!

    She's an absolute stunner - I love her blue hair so much!

  5. Hee-hee, we're just not doing it right are we? I think excessive use of the word 'lovely' helps. I cannot name names though...


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