Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Blown Away....

I've been a busy bee this week in the midst of some traumatic stuff going on as well!

I've pieced my nephews quilt top::

This will be basted today and then quilted and bound by the weekend - Yay!

I've also been busy cutting fabric for  my next project::

On the left are some fairytale pieces that will make the block centres of my neices quilt. They were cut from an Alexander Henry panel and I got the inspiration for this quilt here and here.

On the right are some samples of 'Hideaway' that Courtney over at Seamstar kindly sent me. Here's a closer look::

The fabics on the left will certainly make their way into my stash and the ones on the right I'm a bit blah about so they probably won't!

Now those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that last week I wrote my car off on the M62. It's been really stressful sorting out all the insurance stuff and when the car was finally declared a total loss on Monday I had to go clear out all our belongings. I was shook up when I saw the state the car was in, we're lucky to be alive::

Luckily for me my faithful companion has been following me around and lying by my feet all week, she really destresses me::

Finally, this video on You Tube blew me away yesterday. I sent it to some people via email but I think you should all see it!! It made my heart sing, my face smile and my whole being feel proud::

I am the proud mum of a little girl with Down Syndrome.


  1. Wish that clip would play, my old puter has some issues with youtube unfortunately it keeps freezing.
    Your car looks shocking! Sooo lucky you all are unharmed :-)
    Lovely sewing going on as well, looking forward to see your quilt quilted! Do you know how you are going to quilt it yet?


  2. scary car pic, must've been extremely frightening. Glad you are all safe and sound

  3. Flippin' 'eck Justine, I thought my day yesterday was bad! So glad, you were able to walk away from that looked a wreck. Puts everything into perspective.

    On your quilting very envious of your talent! My sewing skills are so bloomin' basic, I really need to get my act together and make proper friends with my sewing machine! I'm sure though, it will give me a hard time for all the neglect! he he!

    I absolutely loved watching that you tube clip yesterday....made me all teary watching all the mums and dads teary! Go Mickey....go Mickey!!!!!

    Have a super wednesday

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  4. No wonder you have been stressed, that must have been a scary crash. I bet your lovely dog has been a huge help - they make all the difference.
    Your nephew's quilt is going to be fantastic.
    I keep thinking about the you tube video and smiling to myself. Juliex

  5. hi stranger, glad to see u are keeping busy! pop over to my blog there is an award for you!!!!!! x

  6. So sorry to hear of your accident - but thankful nobody was hurt (or at least not too badly). Great quilt! And you have every reason to be proud of your little girl - she's a darling!!

  7. Love your quilt and the video made me cry (in a good way!!). They were fantastic. x

  8. Wow, I'm glad that you are okay...accidents are so scary! My hubby was rear ended in November and our car was totaled out too. I think it's worse to shop for a new car...well, at least one we could afford. We had only had ours for 5 months!

    Love your quilt top...looks very cute! Can't wait to see the next one.

  9. Oh Justine, your car....can't believe looking at it that you're all OK, but so very, very glad you are. I love the video, couldn't get it to play from your email, but that made me cry and your nephew is going to love that quilt. Bethx

  10. Goodness me, someone was looking after you, hope you are all ok, and I am so pleased you are all safe x

  11. What a gorgeous quilt! Lovely colours, i'm sure he's going to love it.

    So glad you are all ok, the car looked horrific so it must have been terrifying for you all!

    MrsShilts x

  12. O My i have just found your lovely blog, i am so sorry to hear of your crash and your poor car, so glad to hear your ok. I will be popping back real soon. take care, dee ;-)

  13. Oh my the car, the car. It is no wonder you were shaken up. I would have been too. I really do need to get a walking foot, as I want to quilt.

    I loved the vid, it was a real feal good one. I love the fact that Glee has downs in it too.

  14. Glad you are ok - car looks scary. Love the video and the quilt.

  15. Wow! Seriously lucky escape there Justine! I will have to forward that youtube clip on to my best friend who is the proud mum of a gorgeous little boy with Down Syndrome. Stay safe :)


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